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The Use of Death Penalty in Lowering Crime Rates
Words • 620
Pages • 3
The Death Penalty has been a controversial issue in society dating back to The Old Testament Times. Some people agree with capital punishment, however many others oppose it. In my opinion, the death penalty is ineffective to society because it does not lower the crime rates it teaches the lesson that murder is wrong by murdering and putting someone to death, and it is cost effective. One reason why the death penalty is ineffective to society is because it does…...
CrimeIs The Death Penalty EffectiveMurder
A View on the Serial Killer Article
Words • 266
Pages • 2
Most serial killers tend to have similar traits of being generous, warm hearted, and friendly. Same went for John Wayne Gacy, Jr. a man who was well known in his community, a business man and a hard working one, a clown on the weekend for local hospitals he was also known as "Pogo The Clown". No one would know of his dark side; his other side till a disappearance of a young boy would link Gacy and would be reviled…...
CrimeMurderSerial Killer
Jeffrey Dahmer: Anatomy of a Serial Killer
Words • 2441
Pages • 10
It is an indisputable fact about modern society that when an individual does gruesome or horrific things, it captures the attention of the populace. While many people blame the media for sensationalizing crimes like rapes and murders to the point that some of the worst criminals become pseudo-celebrities, the fact is that the news media generally shows what reflects the interests of society. Thus, the question must be posed, why are the most violent and disturbed criminal offenders so captivating…...
CrimeMurderSerial Killer
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An Argument Against the Media’s Fascination with Serial Killers
Words • 751
Pages • 4
While the nineteen-seventies was an incredible decade, formative decade for music, culture, and society it was also a decade full of shock, fear and serial killers. John Wayne Gacy, an amateur clown, was a pedophiliac homosexual. He tortured and killed thirty-three little boys and stored their remains under his house. David Berkowitz, a.k.a. the Son of Sam, stalked New York City from nineteen-sixty-seven to nineteen-seventy-seven. He claimed to have been following a voice from his dog that told him when…...
CrimeMurderSerial Killer
The Seventh Circle of Hell and the Tortured Inhabitants
Words • 587
Pages • 3
The seventh circle: round one of hell, the area where the murders and those who are violent against other lie; re-Iiving the acts they committed to others. over and over again, Instead of committing the murderous or acts upon others, these sinners are tortured by ghosts of their victims, if they had more than one victim, then they have more than one torturer. Take Jack the Ripper over there for example, he's got at least five tortures over there; he…...
AbuseCriminal LawHellMurder
Go Ye Into All Nations
Words • 1244
Pages • 5
I saw your article regarding Qeensland being the most recent Australian state to allow abortion and I want to talk about why I believe that is wrong. I read in the article that it used to be considered an offense for the past century if you were to abort a baby and it lead to potential prison time as a punishment and I believe and want to show you why it should still be that way. Abortion is 100% without…...
The Pros and Cons of the Death Penalty as a Capital Punishment
Words • 1692
Pages • 7
The death penalty is a morally ambiguous topic, On one hand it prevents the chance of dangerous criminals escaping from prison and causing more harm. However, it can also lead to the wrong person dying, it can cost millions of taxpayers dollars, and it forcibly ends a life after years of isolation. There‘s a quote that says “if you kill a killer there are the same number of killers in the world” While this is true it is also true…...
Capital PunishmentMurderPunishment
An Argument Against the Use of Capital Punishment
Words • 1746
Pages • 7
Capital punishment, or as it is commonly known as the death penalty, is where death is the appropriate punishment given for the crime that was committed, usually for murder(s). This is one of the few controversial policies where the majority of the states in the US. (31 states) have the capital punishment legalized. It costs taxpayers millions of dollars for each execution, much more than putting the felons in prison for life and it is also considered unconstitutional, Innocents have…...
Capital PunishmentMurderPrisonPunishment
Who Was Jack the Ripper Hunting For
Words • 401
Pages • 2
In this weeks blog I will be focusing on who Jack The Ripper normally aimed to kill instead of focusing on The Ripper himself. I will be barely listing any facts on how they were killed, but I will me listing numerous facts on what they all had in common. The ladies he killed were known as The Canonical Five. They were all killed in the year of 1888, which is not the only similarity that these ladies have. All…...
AlcoholJack The RipperMurder
Who Hides Under the Pseudonym Jack the Ripper
Words • 1586
Pages • 7
During the months of August through November in 1888, the residents of the Whitechapel district in London’s East End lived with hearts filled to the brim with terror. A serial killer, fearfully dubbed as Jack the Ripper, was haunting the night. His victims: prostitutes; his method: gutting; his motive: unknown, as he was never caught. Though the Victorian era police of Scotland Yard - and many conspirators of the present day - had many suspects in mind, no one knows…...
CrimeJack The RipperMurder
Who Is Jack the Ripper
Words • 1752
Pages • 8
In 1888, in White Chapel London, there were five prostitutes that were brutally murdered by a person known as “Jack the Ripper”. He was of the most infamous killers globally and was believed to be a butcher or even a doctor since he had such anatomical knowledge (Simon 38) Throughout the years it had become a sensation to solve the murder case, and some have believed this person to have been H.H. Holmes. Holmes was the first serial killer in…...
CrimeJack The RipperMurder
The Mystery Surrounding the Oceans and the Life in the Seas
Words • 517
Pages • 3
Mysterious Ocean The oceans are a lot of brine in the intercontinental region. The marine is very large and participates in smaller waters. The sea is like a "sea" because all the seas are joined together. The ocean (or marine life) accounts for 72% of our planet. The largest ocean is the Pacific Ocean. Cover 1/3 (1/3) of the Earth's surface. Different kinds of big and small fish live in the sea. Crabs, starfish, sharks, whales, etc. are also found…...
In this article Anderson gives an account of the serial killer
Words • 1791
Pages • 8
In this article Anderson gives an account of the serial killer reviews he has created for the past 30 years. He focuses on “the history, definitions of murder and serial murder, the motives, and phases of serial murder” (Anderson, 1999). They are reviewed as a foundation for better understanding of the etiology and motivations of serial killers (Anderson, 1999). Anderson stated that every single little detail is of extreme importance when it comes to studying and understanding the mind of…...
AdhdHuman NatureMental DisorderMental HealthMurderSerial Killer
Whenever particularly sozzled Claudia Lawrence liked to play the
Words • 3025
Pages • 13
Whenever particularly sozzled, Claudia Lawrence liked to play the same Elton John track, Your Song, repeatedly at the Nag’s Head pub, Heworth, York, to amused groans from all those present until eventually someone intervened to prise the next pound coin destined for the jukebox from her hand. Usually only to play and wail along to Motorcycle Emptiness and a maximum of two other songs on repeat for an hour or two instead. When I first heard the terrible news she…...
AddictionDrunk DrivingMurderPoliceWitness
Director Of Shawshank Redemption
Words • 1577
Pages • 7
This sample paper on Director Of Shawshank Redemption offers a framework of relevant facts based on the recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body and conclusion of the paper below.The first week of film was very stressful as we had so much preparation to do. The murder scene dark to symbolise the dark hideous act of murder, which would create the uncertainty as to who actually committed the crime. The passionate music was added to show the…...
Sanctity Of Life In Islam
Words • 1090
Pages • 5
The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of Sanctity Of Life In Islam. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed. The word sanctity literally means sacred, special or precious. The phrase ‘sanctity of life’ is the concept that human life is extra-special and precious, and should be protected in every possible way.According to the teachings of Christianity, all life belongs to God. As we can see in the Christian…...
CultureGodImage Of GodIslamLifeMurder
Ned Kelly Argumentative EssayHero Victim Villain These are the
Words • 646
Pages • 3
Ned Kelly Argumentative EssayHero. Victim. Villain. These are the three words used to portray Ned Kelly. Many people would see him as a cruel police murderer or maybe a heroic civilian who stood up for people’s rights. Yet the things that Ned did, didn’t identify him as a villain or a hero. He was a victim, who was treated poorly by everyone around him. For Ned, the difficulty of living was trying not to be called a thief for crimes…...
CrimeMurderNed KellyPolice
Education For Leisure
Words • 1147
Pages • 5
This sample essay on Education For Leisure offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion are provided below.Browning’s poems ‘My Last Duchess’ and ‘The Laboratory’ both deal with jealous killers. I will examine the characters in both of these poems and note the similarities and differences between them. Duffy’s ‘Education for Leisure’ and Armitage’s ‘Hitcher’ both have people who are driven to kill because of boredom. I will also…...
JealousyMurderMy Last Duchess
Sherlock Holmes Characteristics Essay
Words • 1147
Pages • 5
The sample paper on Sherlock Holmes Characteristics Essay familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories, and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper.We are not told much about the personality and background of Sherlock Holmes, but we can observe how he solves the crime in this story. We see how Holmes notices little details that we would not necessarily see, or regard as important. For example, he can tell that Helen Stoner travelled to see him by train…...
CharacterLamb To The SlaughterMurderSherlock HolmesThe Adventure Of The Speckled Band
Mary Barnett Case: Legal Arguments Analysis
Words • 1135
Pages • 5
This sample paper on Mary Barnett Case offers a framework of relevant facts based on recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body, and conclusion of the paper below. On 23rd January, Mary Barnett, the Chicago-based single mother of the 6 months old baby Alison, suddenly left for San Francisco to meet her fiance. The baby, having been left unattended was found dead in Barnett’s apartment a week later. That a mother could leave such a young baby…...
Human NatureMental HealthMurderPsychologyWitness
Serial Killer Ted Bundy
Words • 1457
Pages • 6
This sample paper on Nita Neary offers a framework of relevant facts based on recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body, and conclusion of the paper below. Michaud, in “The Hollow Men’, states that 1999 was the year of the murderous moral imbeciles, with the likes of Killer kids, the janitor at Yosemite, the ‘Railway Killer’ Angel Maturino Resendez, Mark Barton, and the deranged bigot Buford Furrow, to name a few. I say a few because, there…...
CrimeCriminologyMurderRapeSerial KillerTed Bundy
Another Mystery Raymond Carver
Words • 1126
Pages • 5
This sample essay on Another Mystery Raymond Carver provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.The focus of both these poems is centred on life and death, on how in different stages of their lives people view death in different perspectives. It also shows life can be brought to a sudden abrupt end with no preceding warning.The poem “Another Mystery” is about…...
Murder Mystery Genre Analysis
Words • 842
Pages • 4
These two stories are completely different from each other, only one of them follows the murder mystery genre we are used to.  A typical murder mystery usually revolves around a highly respected detective who always seems to find the murderer by the end of the story. We never get to know the victim very well in the stories, as they are either dead before the story starts or shortly after the start before we get to know anything about him or…...
FictionMysterySherlock Holmes
“10 Rillington Place” and “Let Him Have It”
Words • 741
Pages • 3
The following sample essay on "10 Rillington Place and Let Him Have It” обсуждается a number of similarities and differences between the two crime cases of John Christie/Timothy Evans and Derek Bentley/Christopher Craig, on which the two films, “10 Rillington Place” and “Let Him Have It” were based on. To begin with, I will state the similarities. The most obvious similarity between the two cases is the fact that the use of ambiguity led both Derek Bentley and Timothy Evans…...
CrimeCriminal JusticeCriminal LawJusticeMurder
Case Brief Example
Words • 338
Pages • 2
Kathryn Myrick Business Law 1 Professor McDonnell Case Brief A. 5 Braun v. Soldier of Fortune Magazine Inc. , 968 F. 2d 1110 (11th Cir. 1992) FACTS:In 1985 Michael Savage placed an ad in the Soldier of Fortune Magazine (“SOF”) advertising “Gun For Hire”. The ad ran from June 1985 to March 1986 generating an average of 30-40 call per week for jobs ranging from murder, kidnapping, assault and other criminal activity. After three previous failed attempts on his business…...
AssaultCommon LawJusticeLawMurder
Ballad Of Charlotte Dymond
Words • 790
Pages • 4
In this essay I am going to be comparing two pre-twentieth poems both about murders and their victims. The first is a poem called ‘The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond’ by Charles Causley. This is a true story of a teenage girl murdered by her lover after he found out she had been having an affair. The second of the two poems is entitled ‘The Laboratory’ by Robert Browning. This is of a similar nature to the ‘Charlotte Dymond’ poem but…...
A Mystery Of Heroism
Words • 347
Pages • 2
In the two short stories “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” and “A Mystery of Heroism,” time is a big theme that is loosely contorted and slowed down to show the character’s ways of coping with fear. During both of these stories, the main characters become almost paralyzed with fear when faced with death. These characters are not aware of the consequences that follow their actions. Both The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and A Mystery of Heroism discuss the…...
Scale Of Evil Essay
Words • 654
Pages • 3
Dr. Michael Stone is a forensic psychiatrist and professor at Columbia University who has classified the levels of evil on a 22 point scale. He is the presenter of the show Most Evil, which features profiles of murderers, serial killers, mass murderers and psychopaths. The levels are one is for impulsive killing, two is for crimes of passion, seven for narcissistic killers, 10 is for Selfish murders, to remove obstacles, 14 is for acts of mercy, 16 is for multiple…...
CrimeCriminologyHuman NatureMurderSerial Killer
Felix Murder Mystery
Words • 411
Pages • 2
He recently bought a 2-bed I-bath each house in an expensive neighborhood and decided to invite 4 of his friends over to his house. Their names were Kinder Goode, Vera Cruise, Gene Poole, and Alfred Fettuccine. The 4 friends didn’t like Felix very much, but since they were each equally placed in his will, they went. These 4 people are the suspects for this crime. Felid’s body had no external injuries. Felix dropped out of college and he never kept…...
Mystery and Ghost Stories: The Signalman Analysis
Words • 522
Pages • 3
Mystery Paragraphs Ghost stories are made to scare, horrify and build up suspense until you can’t bear it any more. Tension, it creates a atmosphere and when you don’t expect it strange things start to happen, maybe its paranormal activity or it could just be your mind playing tricks on you. It tends to make you feel as if there is something behind you, the forbidding, panic before you turn around and see what’s actually there. The uneasiness of the…...
The White Grave Of Lotte And Soren Hammer Review
Words • 726
Pages • 3
Big presence in Greenland: The lady with the "PhD in quantum chemistry," the Danish Minister of the Environment and their common Entourage look at each other as the ice melts. In this place where global warming for all is visible, documented an imposing entourage of journalists every step of prominent politicians. "This scenery here nobody forgets so quickly," said the German head of government and fiddles with her bright red anorak. Unlike exciting the return flight designed by helicopter. At…...
MurderSerial Killer
Thriller “The son” by Jo Nesbø
Words • 1149
Pages • 5
Sonny Lofthus takes away the sins of the world on his shoulders. Son of God, he is not, of course, but he idolized his father. From Lofthus was leading police commissioner in Oslo, and always a role model for his good boy. The intelligent star pupil would naturally occur later in his footsteps. Then from Lofthus killed himself and his suicide note left Sonny's worldview crumble. From confessed the fact that he was corrupt and was working as a mole…...
CrimeJusticeMurderOrganized CrimePolice
What do Christian teachings tell us about the Sanctity of Life Essay Example
Words • 1794
Pages • 8
The sanctity of life describes what Christians believe about the life God created for them. The sanctity of life basically means that life itself is a gift, and that gift is from God, therefore only God can take it away. The word sanctity means purity and that life is holy and special. Christians believe that life is the ultimate gift that can be given to humans on Earth, they treat it with the utmost respect and it is treasured.The sixth…...
DeathEducationEuthanasiaGodImage Of GodLearning
Infamous criminal: Griselda Blanco Essay Example
Words • 1891
Pages • 8
Infamous criminal: Griselda Blanco Essay IntroductionInfamous criminal: Griselda Blanco An infamous criminal can be described as one with a notoriously bad reputation due to their deeds. Griselda Blanco is one of the largest and infamous crime masterminds of all time in the American crime history (Streatfeild 45). She operated in one of the most ruthless ways imaginable. She was mainly involved in the drug trade consisting of mainly drugs such as cocaine, which was highly lucrative and still is quite…...
The Power of Communication: Simplicity and Straightforwardness
Words • 1026
Pages • 5
Power of CommunicationEk Ruka Hua Faisla ?Elegance of language may not be in the power of all of us; but simplicity and straightforwardness are. Write much as you would speak; speak as you think. If with your inferior,speak no coarser than usual; if with your superiors, no finer. Be what you say; and, within therules of prudence, say what you are.? The Power of Communication comes from knowing the right questions to ask and practicinggood listening skills. The secret weapon…...
Serial Killer Motivation
Words • 5063
Pages • 21
A serial killer is an individual who has killed three or more people over a period of time and whose motivation for murder is mainly based on emotional satisfaction. Serial killers have a callous exploitative personality with no emotions and have no ability to feel guilt of anything they do. Some scientists have argued that psychopathy is genetically determined, and the individuals have little power to control its effects. Others have disregarded this outlook of the issue due to lack…...
Charles MansonHuman NatureMurderPsychosisSerial KillerTed Bundy
The Trial of Derek Bentley and Christopher Craig
Words • 2454
Pages • 10
I think the speech for the prosecution is effective because it in a way leads you to believe that Craig and Bentley are just as guilty as each other, which isn't necessarily true. The speech is cleverly written by having left out certain maybe even crucial pieces of information such as Bentley's mental age of 11, which means others can easily influence him such as Craig. I don't think this was pointed out as it could have been misunderstood as…...
Traditional murder mystery
Words • 1311
Pages • 6
The following sample essay on Traditional murder mystery Detective stories are a type of mystery story that features a private detective or a police officer as the prime solver of a crime, usually a murder case. The detective questions the suspects, digs out clues, and tracks down the murderer. To make the case difficult for the detective and interesting to the reader, the author puts complications such as several suspects, additional murders, false clues that lead to wrong conclusions, and,…...
FictionMysterySherlock HolmesThe Adventure Of The Speckled Band
Poems “Human Interest” and “Porphyria’s Lover”
Words • 927
Pages • 4
My essay will be based on these two poems about two murders. I will be discussing and comparing the differences and similarities between the murders and the murderers themselves, and also the victims, which brings me to the first and most obvious difference between the two actual poems. It is obvious from the first sentences that the two poems are told by two people from different backgrounds, and possibly different times. We can see that they are likely to be…...
Ana Maria Matute “Sin of Omission”
Words • 2205
Pages • 9
Ana Maria Matute is one of the most significant writers in Spain today. Some of the autobiographic details, especially those of her early life are extremely important, as they influenced her work to a considerable extent. She was born in Barcelona in 1926 in a well-to-do family, but some of the events of her childhood left deep marks on her personality. The most important of these is the Civil War, which is probably the source of one of the most…...
Human NatureLonelinessMurderWar
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Who Was Jack the Ripper Hunting For
...The other four cases involved women who were also known for their drinking habits. These women were Mary Ann ''Polly'' Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, and Mary Jane Kelly. Most of these women all had their own children except for Elizabeth ...
Who Hides Under the Pseudonym Jack the Ripper
...Jack the Ripper’s entire case was built upon speculation by a police department in a time when forensics wasn’t nearly as developed as it was now, and he murdered when women were much less valued and accounted for. He may have been cunning and me...
Who Is Jack the Ripper
...Getting a head start on his killings does seem possible especially since he already been around there before. With Jack the Ripper and H.H Holmes having so much in common it does seem possible the two are one. The evidence is hard to not notice. Jack...
What do Christian teachings tell us about the Sanctity of Life Essay Example
...If an animal’s life ever became this horrific, humans would put them down long before. Animals cannot be comforted to the extent we can, their mind do not have the complexity humans obtain.’Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our l...
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