Who Was Jack the Ripper Hunting For

In this weeks blog I will be focusing on who Jack The Ripper normally aimed to kill instead of focusing on The Ripper himself. I will be barely listing any facts on how they were killed, but I will me listing numerous facts on what they all had in common. The ladies he killed were known as The Canonical Five. They were all killed in the year of 1888, which is not the only similarity that these ladies have. All of the women that he killed were known to be fond of liquor, some more than others, but nevertheless they all enjoyed alcohol.

They were known all over their town as heavy drinkers, the fact that only these women were killed opened up new theories about Jack The Ripper, one of these theories insisted that it had to have been a man who was also fond of visiting the pub, this is because Catherine Eddowes, the heaviest drinker of them all, was noticed speaking to a mustached man near Mite Square ten minutes before her death, meaning he could have possibly seen her at the pub.

Eddowes was 46 at the time and suffered from kidney disease due to her heavy drinking, on the night of her murder she was actually taken into police custody before she died, for public drunkenness.

The other four cases involved women who were also known for their drinking habits. These women were Mary Ann ”Polly” Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, and Mary Jane Kelly.

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Most of these women all had their own children except for Elizabeth Stride and Mary Jane Kelly. Those two were still known for their drinking habits, which I don’t think is healthy, but I think it’s better to not have kids and drink than to have kids and drink. Their drinking habits were not exactly all that they had in common…They were all prostitutes..Or ‘Women of the night.’ I think due to the women being out normally at nighttime to do their jobs, was basically like a gold mine for Jack. While these women did not deserve to be killed in any way, shape, or form it makes sense that he would go after such easy targets, for all we know he could have been acting like a customer so he could get close to the women and kill them, but that theory is very far from ever being completed.

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