Dr. Michael Stone is a forensic psychiatrist and professor at Columbia University who has classified the levels of evil on a 22 point scale. He is the presenter of the show Most Evil, which features profiles of murderers, serial killers, mass murderers and psychopaths.

The levels are one is for impulsive killing, two is for crimes of passion, seven for narcissistic killers, 10 is for Selfish murders, to remove obstacles, 14 is for acts of mercy, 16 is for multiple vicious acts, 17 is for ruthless predatory and manipulative killers, and 22 is for those that perform prolonged torture, were controlling and abusive, and had some religious aspect and often enlisting others and discarding victims.

Two groups that are not on Dr. Stone’s scale are terrorists and corporate criminals. The average age evil people begin their extremely bad habits is approximately eight years old.

Fire starting, animal abuse, bad relationship with parents, self-harm, manipulation, rape, and repressed emotions are common among children that have been studied.

Another factor that fuels their insanity is getting away with something. It is said that there are few female killers because of the way different genders are raised. About 93% of crimes are committed by men. Dr. Stone believes that 90% of serial killers meet the standards of psychopathy, love control and domination. About half on them are loner who cannot sustain a relationship and are trying to get back at those who have abused them.

An example of this is a mass murderer in Texas that killed close to 70 people. He was abused and neglected by his mother as a child, by chose not to injure her.

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Instead, he savagely murdered other people, mostly women. This is classified as a love-hate relationship because the killer would rather harm other people, but not the parent. Murderers of this type have most likely suffered damaged parts of their brains that control sexual functioning and self-control. Since women have an anti-social nature, they view murder as a game. Psychological profiling was mainly developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

It pertains to reviewing a criminal’s behavior, motives, and background to further guide an investigation. In elaborate cases involving serial killers, rapists, kidnappers, or bombers, a psychological profiler is brought in to visit the crime scene. The profiler needs to know what makes the criminal violent, and get to the root of the problem that started the series of killings. The controversy regarding offender profiling is investigators may arrest the wrong person who matched the profile. This proved true in the Beltway sniper attacks. A profile was described as a white, middle aged man, which mislead investigators.

Hannibal Lecter’s profile would be a white middle age man, slick black hair that is half-way gray, goes a little past his ears, blue eyes, eyebrows about gray, height about 5”6’, and weighs about 140-170lbs, who attacks people by eating their faces. I would place Lecter at number 17 because of his multiple cannibalistic attacks, and manipulation like with the police that were bringing him food, while he was in the huge cage. He expresses psychopathic behavior for having no remorse for his victims. He appears to have a love-hate relationship with Clarice because when he escapes, Lecter has no intention of harming her.

Buffalo Bill’s profile is mid-40, brown hair with a receding hairline, who is a transgender wannabe that skins his victims so he can create a woman costume. I would place him at number 18 because he is manipulative in how he faked an injury because he knew a woman’s nature is to help someone in need. Unfortunately, Catherine was that girl. Buffalo Bill knew exactly what size of a woman he wanted, so he could starve them and skin them. He does not think of his victims as people because of the way he calls them “it” when talking to them. While torturing his victims, he talks to his poodle, Precious, like a baby.

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