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The appropriate method that was used was the Wechsler Adult intelligence scale fourth edition It consists II subtests and administering those tests takes almost two hours. The test is used to measure the cognitive ability and personality of individual. After Ms. S completed the WAIS.IV. His overall cognitive ability can be summarized since her verbal and non-verbal abilities are almost at par. Even though she performed better in other test than after this was due to anxiety. But her verbal reasoning is average.

Since the WAIS.IV has a point scale concept, credits is awarded for every item. The overall score of the test was based on the performance of each item.

As from the test it was observed that the patient verbal ability is a point because her speech was fluent and also had no evidence of memory retention. Using the non-verbal performance scale it was evident that the patient had non-verbal intelligence is Average. While using the WAIS.

IV Instrument, the psychologist observes the attention and concentration of the person.

The preferable method according to MR.I was computer based Assessment. He4 was able to complete full Assessment via computer. The psychologist chooses the MMPI-2-RF that is the Minnesota multiphase personality Inventory. While using this method non-referenced test interpretation can be employed. The psychology chooses a reference group hence uses their performance to compare and contrast with an individual detained score. The cognitive complains that entails the memory and concentration of an individual.

It came to my notice that Mr.

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I was not able to stress and this was a major cause of the disorder. The results of the test also reflected his emotional internalizing, Dysfunctional thinking, Behavioral dysfunction and the interpersonal difficult. The MMPI-2-validity scale contains three vital type of measuring validity. This enables the psychologist to detect inconsistence responding and none responding when interpretation of the scale is done. These ensures that the psychological Testing Process is a success because the instrument is designed to detect any factor that may affect the success of the process such as overall under reporting, exaggerating, downplaying symptoms.

The MMPI-2-RF is a psychological battery that is mostly used. But new developments and restructure are being made as a result of increase in innovation.

Ethical professional issues abound for psychologist who use computer in their practice are many. According to American Psychological ), the major issue is when conducting a record review or supervision or either consultation. An individual should be given clear feedback and it should contain all details and description of potential limitation of contusions and recommendations that can be made as a result of using computer based approach.

The psychologist also needs to use appropriate instrument. Also needs to ensure that preferred language is used. Psychologists also need to evaluate decisional capacity of an individual. He needs to explain the nature and purpose of the assessment, fees, and parties involved and limits confidentiality, provide sufficient opportunities for patients to ask questions and receive answers. They also need to ensure confidentiality of test result. This is because gaining true informed consent through computers create unique problems to psychologists.

Psychological Assessment needs trained and qualified personnel. In order for psychologist to administer assessment using different instruments, he or she is supposed to have sufficient knowledge about operating the machines and also interpreting the data. This enables them deal with complex situations that might arise during the process and by doing so it would be a benefit to the patient as their needs.

In addition, psychologist needs to be aware of the law. They should follow reactive step rather than proactive step. They also need to weigh their importance during administering psychological test. They also need to be patient and willing to listen to their clients and provide solutions that will help them solve their problems.

When giving feedback to a client, several measures needs to be considered. This ensures that the process is fruitful for the first case where the psychology is using computerized system of assessment. Pre-counseling has to be done before administering the method. This ensures that the patient goes through the process knowing or having in mi9nd that results would be delivered fairly. Details about the characteristics, behavior capabilities and preference are revealed. A psychologist also needs to seek consent the patient about those who can access for data feedback. The feedback should also contact several ways of solving the problem at hand.

In conclusion, there are many methods of conducting psychological Assessment but as from the discussion above; the instruments that were used were MMPI-2-RF and WAIS-IV. Both instruments have their own advantage and disadvantages. Psychologists are then advised to use the method that is appropriate and fits the current situation at a hand. As much as there are tremendous opportunities provided by using computerized assessment method, the method is still not advisable to use because the changes in technology affects it.


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