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based on events in sunjata, what is most likely the reason he can walk?
he was embarrassed at causing his mother to suffer humiliation

narrative texts include all of the following elements except
humourous situations

an epic poem contains all of the following elements except
a protagonist with magical abilities

all of the following lines in the poem represent supernatural events in sunjata except
“let him forge an iron staff so i can walk”

why do the sorceresses agree to sunjata’s offer?
their real desire was for meat

at the end of the poem, sunjata is most likey saved by
his generosity with others

all of the following lines from the poem show an example of personification except
“africa of whom my grandmother sings”

which of the following sentences from “black girl” best reflects diouana’s growing disillusionment?
“the wide horizons of a short while ago stopped now at the colour of her skin, which suddenly filled her with an invincible terror”

based on the events in “black girl,” the reader can conclude that madame most likely associates france with
the tiresome duties of motherhood

in “black girl,” diouana’s decision to leave africa inspires all of the following except
the joy of the children

in “black girl” the children called diouana “savage.

” this most likely implies that they

held the same biased views of their parents

in the story “black girl,” madame expresses all the following towards diouana except

in the poem, “i will pronounce your name,” the speaker uses sensory description to appeal to all the following senses except

in “telephone conversation,” which of the following best describes the shift in the speaker’s attitude toward the landlady?
from fuming to mischevious

which of the following words best describes the character of nene atang in “marriage is a private affair”/

which of the following quotes from “marriage is a private affair” best supports the answer selected above? (perseverant)
“but as time went on, nene gradually broke through some of this prejudice and even began to make friends among them”

in “marriage is a private affair,” why does nnaemeka’s father, okeke, at first resist the idea of meeting his grandchildren?
he is committed to keeping nnaemeka out of his life

in “in the shadow of war,” omovo follows the soldiers and the woman most likely because he
yields to the curious whims of boys his age

based on the characters and events in “in the shadow of war,” which of the following best reflects the author’s perspective on war?
people are largely unprepared for the harsh realities of war

which type of humour did the author most likely intentionally use when titling the story, “loyalites”?

which of the following types of humour describes the situation in which an event or action seems ridiculously out of place in the story?

all of the following quotes from “loyalties” are examples of sarcasm except
“whether we are in nigeria or whether we are in biafra we are almost out of firewood.

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in the story “a meeting in the dark,” john’s character advances the plot and communicates the theme through each of the following conflicts except
man vs nature

in “a meeting in the dark,” the motif of the lion-demon most likely represents
being trapped between two worlds

which of the following sentences from “a meeting in the dark” best supports the theme of powerlessness?
“he knew he could have loved her, even then he wondered if he did not love her.”

which of the following traits does john most likely believe he lacks?

which of the following best identifies the speaker’s tone in “the pig”?

which of the following best identifies the tone established in this sentence?

in “the pig,” kibuku first seems ____ by retirement, but by the end of the story he is ____ of it.
depressed, appreciative

all of the following sentences from “the pig” contribute to its humourous tone except
“musisi arrived as kibuka was leaving home to see if the leg of pork had been safely delivered to yosefu and miriamu.”

which of the following details from “no witchcraft for sale” would be least important to include in a summary of the story?
teddy enjoys using his scooter to chase the chickens and the dogs

which of the following sentences most effectively paraphrases the ideas in this paragraph?
soon, mr. and mrs. farquar’s learned at what had happened on their farm. while the tribal folks understood the mysteries of the veld, the district residents shared this tale and other personal stories.

in “the moment before the gun went off,” the most ironic thing about van der vyver’s reaction to the death of the young black boy is
his emotional breakdown and tears after telling what happened

which of the following sentences best explains the irony implied by this sentence?
van der vyver is not a typical south african farmer; he feels remorse and takes responsibility for the accident

at the end of “the moment the gun went off,” the author reveals the surprising truth about the young black boy’s parentage. what type of irony does this represent?

which phrase, in “the prisoner who wore glasses,” best describes brille?
intuitive and calculating in his appraisal of others

the author of “the prisoner who wore glasses” most likely includes the story about brille’s home life to show
his yearning for peace at home and in society

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