English 10a literature of the Americas unit test

Which of the following words best describes the speakers tone

Read the following sentences from ” day of the butterfly.”

” I did not know what to do. I could not afford to be seen walking with her, and I did not even want to but on the other hand, the flattery of those humble, hopefully turnings was not lost on me. A role was shaping for me that I could not resist playing.”

Which of the following best describes the speakers tone?

Troubled but intrigued

The narrator of ” Day of the Butterfly” thinks the teacher with the gold-rimmed glasses is

In “At the Tourist Center in Boston” by Margaret Atwood the speaker asks, “is this a manufactured hallucination, ” to show that Canada has become too

In “The Day of the Butterfly” the narrator
Fears she too will become an outsider if she befriends myra

Read the following sentences from ” crossroads: a sad vaudeville.

Woman. Would you be able to recognize that voice with your eyes open? Man.

I’m sure that I could….. woman. Even if it were a voice invented many years before, in the dark inmost recesses of time?
Man. Yes, I’m here for her sake looking for her.
Woman. She’s waiting for you also.

What literary technique is used by the author in this dialogue?

Dramatic irony

Which of the folowing from ” two bodies” is an example of metaphor?
“and night and an ocean”

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English 10a literature of the Americas unit test
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