The Literature of the Americas II Test

Which of the following words *best* describes Francesca’s tone?

In “Lifeguard Rules!,” how does the author mostly reveal the character of Francesca?
through other peoples’ views of her

Which of the following statements *best* identifies a lesson the reader can learn after reading “Lifeguard Rules?”
Although pools are fun, reckless behavior can be dangerous

In this sentence, the water *most likely* symbolizes
a forbidden object of temptation

“Love After Love” – Which of the following words *best* describes the speaker’s tone?

The Third Bank of the River” – Which of the following words *best* describes the speaker’s tone?

How does the writer mostlyreveal the mother’s character?
through her actions

Which of the following words best describes the relationship between the two characters?

In these sentences, the prawn *most likely* symbolizes
a sense of selfish motivation and greed

In these lines, the mirrormost likely symbolizes
a sense of comfort

In “Greek Meets Greek” Ram takes great pains to avoid having Chan, his neighbor, identify his true island heritage.

Too late, Ram realizes that Chan is also island born.

What type of irony, if any, does this demonstrate?


It is a hybrid car.

Traditional gas-powered cars are harmful to the environment.

Hybrids produce less pollution than conventional cars.

ways that an author reveals character

a plot twist where a character’s intent or action becomes twisted into its opposite
situational irony

a statement that contradicts itself

giving human characteristics to non-human things

the atmosphere of the story

Rotating back and forth aimlessly.

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The fan blades spun rapidly, generating a strong cool breeze.

The sound of ringing bells marked the end of a beautiful wedding service.

*Coach Mack’s basketball team from 2011* is by far his best group of athletes.
complete subject

The runner *sprinted* past the park benches like lightning.
simple predicate

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