Early American and Colonial Literature Unit Test

i wrote an account of my voyage across the sea on the Mayflower
william bradford

my persuasive writing opposed reconciliation with Great Britain
Thomas Paine

my writing style includes rhyming couplets
Anne Bradstreet

in 1776, when others were hesitant, i drafted the grievances of the colonies
Captain John Smith

my account of the Middle Passage created a new genre of narratives
Olaudah Equiano

the following words share a denotative meaning. which one has a negative connotation
a. confident
b. determined
c. decisive
d. demanding **

read the following Yaqui song. identify its purpose
to express

which of the following statements about early American and Colonial literature is true
Different authors share similar purposes and genres

which of the following is a primary source from early American and colonial literature
the autobiography pf Olaudah Equiano

what is the effect of the repetition in these lines
it establishes the poem’s tone

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Early American and Colonial Literature Unit Test
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