To Kill a Mockingbird Final Test Study Guide (With Answers)

In which ways did Walter Cunningham surprise Scout?
When Scout starts talking to him, Mr. Cunningham stop being violent

How is the Ewell family perceived status-wise within the rural community?
Poor and the least educated family in Maycomb

How much time do the Ewell children spend in school?
The first day of school each year

For what “purpose” does Harper Lee, the author, include the school setting in Chapter 2?
to introduce the different families in Maycomb

Scout is unusual for a first grader because…
She can read and write

What is the reason for the author’s choice of a young narrator?
The author wanted to show innocence and about growing up as a little kid in a family

How old are Scout and Jem when the novel begins?
Scout: 6 Jem: 10

The first chapter focuses on telling past stories.

This primarily serves to…

To tell the background and history of the characters

The narrator of the story is…

What items do Scout and Jem take from the knot-hole in one of the oak trees in Radley’s front yard?
Gum and Pennies

When Jem and Dill start to exclude Scout from activities, with whom does she spend more time?
Miss Maudie

What do Jem, Dill, and Scout do that causes Mr.

Radley to shoot at them?

They sneak into his yard and look into his window

What does Mr. Radley’s plugging up the knothole symbolize?
the transitions from childhood to adulthood

Atticus knows he will lose his case with Tom Robinson because…
a majority of the town is against blacks

What present does Uncle Jack give Jem and Scout for Christmas?
Air Rifles

When Atticus Finch agrees to defend Tom Robinson, what does Scout hear at school?
Atticus is a N***** Lover

Which two characters are “outcasts” of the novel, maligned by Maycomb society?
Mr. Radley and Boo Radley

Dill’s real name is…
Charles Baker Harris

Who speaks out in court and is forced to leave the court room?
Link Deas

What does Bob Ewell use to try to kill the Finch children?
A Knife

Why does Mrs. Dubose require Jem to read to her every day over a month?
She says it is a punishment but its really and distraction for her to get away from the medicine from her mother

Which character is most like a Mockingbird in the metaphorical sense?
Tom Robinson

What does Atticus tell his children is a sin to shoot?

Which two characters’ situations/conflicts are parallels in the novel?
Link Deas and Boo Radley

What did Scout hear after rolling into the Radley yard in a tire?
The shutters moving

Atticus’s role in shooting the rabid dog best foreshadows what future role that he will assume?
The Prosecuting Attorney

How does Scout react to Alexandra’s grandson Francis calling Atticus a “N****** lover”?
She beats him up

ESSAY: Tom Robinson is the black field hand accused of rape. Tom is one of the novel’s “mockingbirds,” an important symbol of innocence destroyed by evil. Link Deas is Tom Robinson’s employer. In his willingness to look past race and praise the integrity of Tom’s character, Deas epitomizes the opposite of prejudice. What specific actions or words of Link Deas illustrate his strong position on prejudice and racism? Respond using four-five complete sentences. Longer responses acceptable. Give specific examples drawn from the text.
Link Deas is a very nice man who shouted out in court and was forced to leave by Judge Taylor. He is Tom Robinson’s client. When Tom dies, Link hires Tom’s wife Helen. Link Deas is also very protective of the Robinson family including when Mr Ewell tried to kill Helen, Link didn’t let that happen. Lots of the city thinks he is always drunk but he only drinks soda. The town judges him for defending rights.

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To Kill a Mockingbird Final Test Study Guide (With Answers)
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