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The Dangers of Serial Killers in the United States
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Pages • 17
Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, and Richard Ramirez (The night stalker), do any of these names spark a chill in your bones? If they don t, they should. The names I ve mentioned above are just a few examples of some of the most notorious serial killers in America. Serial killers are those individuals who kill more than 3 people within a span of 14 or more days. (Serial Killers, Online AOL) Have you ever stopped…...
Charles MansonSerial KillerTed Bundy
An Argument Against the Media’s Fascination with Serial Killers
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While the nineteen-seventies was an incredible decade, formative decade for music, culture, and society it was also a decade full of shock, fear and serial killers. John Wayne Gacy, an amateur clown, was a pedophiliac homosexual. He tortured and killed thirty-three little boys and stored their remains under his house. David Berkowitz, a.k.a. the Son of Sam, stalked New York City from nineteen-sixty-seven to nineteen-seventy-seven. He claimed to have been following a voice from his dog that told him when…...
CrimeMurderSerial Killer
The Popularity of Serial Killers Brought by Thomas Harris With the Character of Hannibal Lecter From The Silence of the Lambs
Words • 1831
Pages • 8
In the novel, The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris, Harris develops the role of serial killer Hannibal Lecter into an unforgettable, forever popular character through Lecter's attention grabbing, repulsive acts. The popularity began when the genre of horror fiction was created, and a cult-like following developed. As the attraction and popularity grew, the following grew, and the violent serial killers turned into celebrities. The serial killers began to take over American entertainment in movies, books, and TV; American's…...
FictionLiteratureSerial Killer
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A Study on the History, Characteristics, Behavior, and Abusive Childhood of Serial Killers
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Pages • 11
The first documented serial killer had the name of Herman Webster Mudgett or the more common name of H. H. Holmes. Holmes killed an estimated 200 people in his "murder castle" over the span of 1878-1894. But the question at hand is why was Holmes compelled to kill so many people? Was he simply born with this urge to hurt others and was predetermined to violence? Or was circumstance to blame for the deaths? The answer to why serial killers…...
AbusePsychologySerial Killer
The Serial Killer Profiles Grover Godwin in The Will to Kill by James Alan Fox
Words • 1313
Pages • 6
Grover Godwin, a serial killer profiler, did research on one hundred and seven serial killers. As stated in The Will to Kill by James Alan Fox, the data that Godwin had collected, about ninety»seven percent of these serial killer's victims were complete strangers, three percent were friends of the killer, and only one percent were the killer's family members (Fox 105). This research shows that serial killers have other explanations behind their kills rather than having some sort of hatred…...
AbuseExperienceSerial KillerViolence
The Issue of African American Serial Killers in Allan Branson’s African American Serial Killers: Over-Represented Yet Underacknowledged
Words • 969
Pages • 4
The article of Branson (2012), “African American Serial Killers: Over-Represented Yet Underacknowledged,” touches upon the issue of serial killers, who are African Americans, and who escaped the attention of the American public. Ninety black serial killers were identified by the previous researches, though America was not aware of their notoriety. What is important about this study is that it demonstrates the presence of the serial killers among the African Americans, who are told by the media to be low-level criminals.…...
CrimeCriminologyPsychologySerial Killer
The Human Fascination with Serial Killers
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Pages • 7
Serial killers, they take your breath away both literally and figuratively. There is something about them that draw people in. Though many are intrigued by murder and those who commit it, we seldom know why. Personally, I have felt the same strange pull. Watching television shows gave me enough contact with them to want more. American Horror Story, for example, enchanted me from the first season. Casting a charming young man as a psychotic school—shooter naturally caused me to gain…...
CrimeEntertainmentPsychologySerial Killer
Into the Minds of Serial Killers
Words • 1259
Pages • 6
The fascination of things unknown is a human instinct that we have developed throughout time; we like to figure out what cannot be readily understood Delving deeper and deeper into what we do not understand allows us to feel involved and informed. A circus with a freak show is parallel to the many TV shows that flood the airways with serial killers and other murdersl We want to see them and observe their behaviors, but we do not want to…...
CrimeEthicsMoralitySerial Killer
The Life of H. H. Holmes, America’s First Serial Killer
Words • 443
Pages • 2
H.H. Holmes was arguably the first serial killer in American history. His powerful charisma and charm seemed to coax his victims into the arms of their inevitable deaths. He preyed on the weaknesses of young women in a way that kept him from being discovered.A man of unquestionable allurement, H.H. Holmes weakened his victim by simply looking her in the eye. His deep and mysterious “blue gaze” was something that women fawned over(65). Bystanders like Ned Connor, Julia's husband and…...
HistorySerial Killer
The Psychological Theories and Aspects That Makes an Individual a Serial Killer
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Pages • 5
Serial killers are formed in staged of an individual’s life. Before an individual is even considering being the cause of another’s death, they tend to separate themselves from the people around them and even the world. These killers tend to sneak off to a world which is controlled by them, in other words, a fantasy. In order to not experience any pain or the feeling for being an underachiever, an individual makes up a world which they decide what course…...
Abnormal PsychologySerial Killer
Gender Differences in Female Serial Killers 
Words • 1816
Pages • 8
Serial Killer Typology Serial murder is a relatively rare occurrence. It is estimated to comprise less than 1% of all murders. The fascination of serial killers far outweighs the amount if murders these heinous people commit. This fascination began in the late 1880’s after a series of unsolved murders occurred in London. The person who committed these murders called himself “Jack the Ripper”. He sent letters to the police taunting them for not being able to catch him. This piqued…...
CrimePsychological DisordersSerial Killer
The Green River Killer
Words • 2374
Pages • 10
What were the signs Gary Ridgway showed as a child that would suggest he had a troubled life ahead? Charles Montaldo says that “Gary Ridgway, known as the Green River Killer, went on a 20-year killing spree, making him the most prolific serial killers in the U.S. history (Montaldo).” My reasoning behind choosing to do research on Gary Ridgway was because I found it very fascinating how Ridgway portrayed himself to be a family man, but really he was a…...
CriminologyPsychologySerial Killer
We Publish Bibliography Yesenia Duarte
Words • 511
Pages • 3
The author went to the University of South Florida, where he studied in the department of psychiatry and Behavioral science and is attending a Forensic Psychiatry program. This website helped me get some basic information on why some of the serial killers actually kill. It helped me put together the information that I and many people thought about serial killers, which where that they do it for power. But the author mostly talked about the sexual motives of the killers.…...
AuthorityBibliographyInformationSerial Killer
Clues To One Killer
Words • 521
Pages • 3
While narrowing it down to one killer, one weapon and one location each clue that was given was meant to throw you off. When looking at the first clue for the location which was, “We all have the ability to be good and bad, to be a victim and to be a killer, to be happy or sad while hiding behind Halloween.” This clue is illustrating the art of acting, relating to being something you are not. The clue is…...
MedeaSerial Killer
In this article Anderson gives an account of the serial killer
Words • 1791
Pages • 8
In this article Anderson gives an account of the serial killer reviews he has created for the past 30 years. He focuses on “the history, definitions of murder and serial murder, the motives, and phases of serial murder” (Anderson, 1999). They are reviewed as a foundation for better understanding of the etiology and motivations of serial killers (Anderson, 1999). Anderson stated that every single little detail is of extreme importance when it comes to studying and understanding the mind of…...
AdhdHuman NatureMental DisorderMental HealthMurderSerial Killer
Gary Ridgeway
Words • 1274
Pages • 6
The essay sample on Gary Ridgeway dwells on its problems, providing a shortened but comprehensive overview of basic facts and arguments related to it. To read the essay, scroll down.D.Keppel? Male Serial Killers: Gary Ridgeway In the summer of 1982, one of the nation’s worst and deadliest serial killers would start a killing spree that would last for almost 2 decades. This killer was known as the “Green River Killer,” but his real name was Gary Leon Ridgway. Ridgeway would…...
CrimeCriminal LawCriminologyJusticeSerial Killer
Serial Killer Ted Bundy
Words • 1457
Pages • 6
This sample paper on Nita Neary offers a framework of relevant facts based on recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body, and conclusion of the paper below. Michaud, in “The Hollow Men’, states that 1999 was the year of the murderous moral imbeciles, with the likes of Killer kids, the janitor at Yosemite, the ‘Railway Killer’ Angel Maturino Resendez, Mark Barton, and the deranged bigot Buford Furrow, to name a few. I say a few because, there…...
CrimeCriminologyMurderRapeSerial KillerTed Bundy
Jeffrey Dahmer American Serial Killer
Words • 1119
Pages • 5
The following sample essay is about Jeffrey Dahmer, an American serial killer who killed 17 young men and women. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down. Most crimes that are committed during the normal daily activities of people’s lives is indicative of the Routine Activities Theory that gives Insight onto how Jeffrey Dammed was so successful In luring, raping, and murdering unsuspecting men from the local gay nightclubs in Milwaukee. Jeffrey Dammed had willingness and the…...
CrimeCriminologySerial KillerViolence
Why Do Serial Killers Kill
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Pages • 4
The following example essay focuses on the reasons why serial killers kill. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down. Causes of Serial Killers “A girl was found dead in the woods,” “A serial killer strikes again! ” We constantly hear in the media out citizens getting murdered in our surroundings. Sometimes a quick death and sometimes a tragic slow death like Kelly Marry on Friday, November 9, 1888. Kelly was killed by having her throat slashed…...
Human NatureMental DisorderSerial Killer
Scale Of Evil Essay
Words • 654
Pages • 3
Dr. Michael Stone is a forensic psychiatrist and professor at Columbia University who has classified the levels of evil on a 22 point scale. He is the presenter of the show Most Evil, which features profiles of murderers, serial killers, mass murderers and psychopaths. The levels are one is for impulsive killing, two is for crimes of passion, seven for narcissistic killers, 10 is for Selfish murders, to remove obstacles, 14 is for acts of mercy, 16 is for multiple…...
CrimeCriminologyHuman NatureMurderSerial Killer
Informative Essay
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Pages • 10
Paper Type:Informative essays
Carson Moorehi – Paraphrase English 102 HUhi – Direct Quote Professor Carol Mohrhi – Summary Informative Research Essayhi – Thesis Statement 18 March 2019 Serial Killers: Connecting the Internal Human Deterrence System Fear has been swept across the world since the eighteenth century by one skin crawling phenomenon: serial killers. When the serial killing began and precisely how many people they killed isn’t exactly a black and white subject, due to poor record keeping. The National Center for the Analysis…...
Charles MansonCrimeCriminal LawCriminologySerial KillerTed Bundy
The White Grave Of Lotte And Soren Hammer Review
Words • 726
Pages • 3
Big presence in Greenland: The lady with the "PhD in quantum chemistry," the Danish Minister of the Environment and their common Entourage look at each other as the ice melts. In this place where global warming for all is visible, documented an imposing entourage of journalists every step of prominent politicians. "This scenery here nobody forgets so quickly," said the German head of government and fiddles with her bright red anorak. Unlike exciting the return flight designed by helicopter. At…...
MurderSerial Killer
Insomnia Jilliane Hoffman Review
Words • 715
Pages • 3
Crime to psychopathic serial killers like to be read. When they are done well, the plot can strain the nerves equal on four levels - even by cruel murder descriptions, then through the cliffs of investigative work, and thirdly, to fears of potential victims, and finally by the time race between the perpetrator and his pursuers. The American lawyer and author Jilliane Hoffman mastered their craft experienced and solid, so her latest thriller maintains good, but not to shine with…...
InsomniaMental HealthPoliceSerial KillerSleepWikipedia
Long Island Ripper
Words • 615
Pages • 3
Rebecca Brehm Criminology – CJC 112 Long Island Ripper July 2007 to Current Corpus Delicti: Serial Killer in Long Island on the loose and cases still unsolved. Bodies of at least 10-14 Murdered victims associated with prostitution in dumped on the South side of Long Island and in some cases unidentified. Investigators believe the suspect is a resident of Long Island. Murders discovered over last 15 years and seem to be linked according to investigators. Investigators believe the murders are…...
CrimeCriminal JusticeCriminal LawJusticeSerial Killer
Serial Killers
Words • 5063
Pages • 21
A serial killer is an individual who has killed three or more people over a period of time and whose motivation for murder is mainly based on emotional satisfaction. Serial killers have a callous exploitative personality with no emotions and have no ability to feel guilt of anything they do. Some scientists have argued that psychopathy is genetically determined, and the individuals have little power to control its effects. Others have disregarded this outlook of the issue due to lack…...
Charles MansonHuman NatureMurderPsychosisSerial KillerTed Bundy
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Why Do Serial Killers Kill
...Another example of this type of serial killer is Herman Webster Mudget. He created a hotel with many traps and he would get victims and kill them for their money(Pesce54). Lucrative serial killers are the most known in the world. The cause for serial...
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