Clues To One Killer

While narrowing it down to one killer, one weapon and one location each clue that was given was meant to throw you off. When looking at the first clue for the location which was, “We all have the ability to be good and bad, to be a victim and to be a killer, to be happy or sad while hiding behind Halloween.” This clue is illustrating the art of acting, relating to being something you are not. The clue is also referencing the Sock an Buskin, which is also known as the Comedy and Tragedy masks.

With one of the masks of the Sock an Buskin being happy and the other being sad shows the relation with clue stating, “Having the ability… to be happy or sad.” The second clue states, “Invoke the women, these in particular, and hope they’re two-faced,” is referencing the Sock and Buskin as well. The third clue states, “My sister has changed since she left our town in Virginia.

She thinks she’s some new Cleopatra and has had several boyfriends including a few Henrys and a Richard. I just wish she’d go back to the old days when we just played with dollhouses.” The clue mentions the word, “Dollhouse,” which is being hinted towards Shakespeare’s prominent Globe Theater. Aside from the Globe Theater not only being built like a dollhouse because an individual would able to see the entire inside from an outside in an elevated view like a dollhouse, but also the Globe Theater consists of two playhouses.

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There were outdoor playhouses, or ‘public’ playhouses, and indoor playhouses. These were very different theatres that attracted different types of audiences. Practically being the same thing, dollhouses and playhouses are toys primarily used for children entertainment. Clue number 4 also referenced Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. Stating,” Helios drove the chariot of the sun around the globe. You can see his head ripped off at the hands of Kratos in God of War 3 on PlayStation 3 and 4.

Therefore, Senator Castro Allen Balboa ran a paper mill protest to have it banned for sale to kids in his state.” The final clue states,” My grandmother is Medea, yeah that Medea, but I liked her before she went to the big screen”, ultimately with Tyler Perry’s Medea being a series of movies you can conclude that the location is in connection with movie and theaters. And to top it all off, it mentions a big screen which makes the location of the crime the Fox Theater. Following the weapons, the first clue states, “Take a breath, take it deep. I’m sweating now, moving slow. And you can see my heart beating, you can it through my chest,” the clue relates to a situation where the person might be locked in a closed heated space. Heat being a big factor in the crime narrowed down the weapons. In addition clue two goes on to state, “I loved my Granny Honey, but she loved her Smith and Wesson,” as a result referring to guns. With Smith and Wesson being a large corporation that only manufactures firearms and ammunition.

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