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Free essays on Juvenile Justice System are written on the topic of justice procedures that deal with young offenders. These essays provide insights into the legal system that has been created to address the needs of juveniles who commit criminal offenses. They also highlight the challenges faced by the juvenile justice system, including the balancing of punishment and rehabilitation, the impact of social factors on juvenile delinquency, and the need for effective intervention strategies. These essays can be used as a valuable resource for students, academics, policymakers, and other stakeholders interested in understanding the workings of the juvenile justice system.
My Thoughts About Juvenile Justice System
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The juvenile system should be designed to teach youth a lesson. However, At least 65% of teens incarcerated have grown up in bad neighborhoods and are less fortunate. This makes it hard for things to get through to them outside of survival. They are put in bad situations at early ages and breaking the law becomes normal. After being in the low income environments they have thoughts as if they have nothing to lose. So they take risk and knowing…...
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The Crime In Memphis And Juvenile Justice System
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It has been agreed for years that racism and prejudices against people of color is wrong. Equality refers to the fact that people should be treated equally despite the color of their skin and that their race should not be in consideration when treating people with respect (May and Sharratt 317).  In situations involving the law, equality means that people should have equal treatment under law, especially when referring to the juvenile court systems. When I read different articles about Memphis in order to choose the topic of this…...
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Juveniles And Racial Disparity
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The juvenile justice system is a fairly new concept compared to the adult criminal justice system. Prior to the nineteenth century, juvenile’s family and community were responsible for the actions taken by the juvenile. When a juvenile was considered undisciplined, they were sent to go live with another family to learn a skill or trade. There were facilities that were established prior to the nineteenth century that housed undisciplined or delinquent juveniles such as asylums, orphanages, houses of refuge and…...
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Juvenile Justice System And Juvenile Delinquency
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Juvenile justice system has been a system that was progressively created. Juvenile delinquency in history was at an all-time high and juveniles were being put in the same buildings and cells that adult criminals were. This was cruel and unusual punishment and was the basis behind the implementation of the juvenile justice system. The juvenile justice system has many similarities to the adult justice system but there is also a key component of finding ways to rehabilitate the juveniles while…...
Juvenile DelinquencyJuvenile Justice System
Ensuring a Better Life For Young People
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Juvenile delinquency is a considerable problem within the United States. Many efforts are put into place to ensure a better life for youth. Undeterred by the efforts in place, some youth are continuing to be lost within the juvenile justice system. According to the Public Broadcasting Service (Juvenile Justice) “On average, juveniles were involved in one-quarter of all serious violent victimizations (not including murder) committed annually over the last 25 years.” (Juvenile Justice) This statistic proves that youth are being…...
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No Matter How Loud I Shout 
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The book, was written by Pulitzer prize winner, Edward Humes, in 1996. The book is written in a way that allows the reader to get a glimpse into the broken juvenile justice system. The author, Edward Humes, conducted research in California studying the state’s juvenile justice system for one year. He specifically sat in cases under Judge Dorn. Humes focused on system experiences of seven juveniles whose crimes ranged from murder, armed robbery, and assault. Throughout the book, Humes exposes…...
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Youth Detention Counselor
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Detention of Juveniles in general is the temporary care of children in physically restricting facilities (Ward 7-5). The primary basis of detention is usually the seriousness of the offense (Ward 7-5). Whether the juvenile is held for a period of time in detention depends on the outcome of a detention hearing, where the appropriateness of the detention is determined (Champion 500). Juveniles are guaranteed a detention hearing within 24-48 hours, this hearing is before a judge (Ward 7-5). The judge…...
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A Statistical View of the Juvenile Justice System
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America's youth are faced with an ever-changing set of problems and barriers to successful lives. As a result, we are constantly met with the task of developing enlightened policies and programs to address the needs and risks of those youth that enter our juvenile justice system. The policies we create must be based on facts, not fears or negative assumptions. This document will take a look at the current and former statistics of the juvenile justice system in California and…...
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No Matter How Loud I Shout 
...Although the topic was disturbing and saddening, Humes did an excellent job at drawing attention to the unjust system. In addition, this book was a very slow read for me. Any point the author made was repeated over and over. I would argue that Humes ...
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