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Treatment Based on Risk
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Determining whether or not a person will re-offend once released from prison can be a complicated process, it can be almost impossible in certain offenders. But there are tools such as the Static-99 that we use to assess the likelihood of recidivism. As I evaluate the Case Study of Jerry, this individual was convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl and sentenced to 20 years in prison. In this brief op-ed, I will through assessment tooling, determines Jerry’s probability of re-offending.…...
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Improving Experiences for Registered Sex Offenders- SSOSA Program
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When reentering into the community, registered sex offenders remain hopeful and often seek a new life of freedom, relationships, normalcy, dignity and equality. According to the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children, “more than 850,000 registered sex offenders currently reside in communities across the United States”. Within a five-year span of their release date, the detected sexual recidivism rate, or the rate of reoffending, is typically between 10 and 15 percent. However, depending on other variables, for some offenders…...
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Violence Sgainst On Minors
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There are very few crimes that are more heinous than child molestation. Whether preyed upon by trusted adults at school or at home, or violently attacked by a stranger, these victims are often left to walk a long, physical and psychological distress. So far, several policies have been put in place to mitigate sex offense and protect the public. Megan’s Law and banishment zones are a few examples of popular policies already enforced in several countries. The former federal law…...
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Sex Crimes & Sex Offender Registration Laws
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Sex crimes are some of the most controversial and captivating crimes in the public eye. While most people consider sex crimes to only include rape and the molestation of children, there are many different types of criminal sexual conduct. Other crimes that fall into the category of common sex crimes are incest, sodomy, the possession, production, or distribution of child pornography, molestation, the exploitation of children and adults, rape, deviate sexual intercourse, statutory rape, sexual contact, and sexual assault, indecent…...
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Short Eyes Essay
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Short Eyes is set inside a prison, divided by feuds between the blacks (Ice, Omar, and El Raheem), the Puerto Ricans (Juan, Cupcakes, and Paco), and the lone “whitey” (Longshoe).  They are also bothered by the corrections officers (Mr. Nett and Mr. Brown).  Their whole world is turned upside-down when Clark Davis, a child molester, is assigned to their floor.  Suddenly, the warring groups have a united cause to fight against: Clark “short eyes” Davis. Piñero spent time in Sing-sing,…...
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Cut off from Sebastian Fitzek and Michael Tsokos Review
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Pages • 3
The authors duo, both forensic scientists of the Charité in Berlin, has created with his community work "Cut off" a locally terrifying, bloodthirsty psycho-thriller that will not be for everyone. The underlying serious issue is can not bring their own sense of justice in accordance sexual criminal law in our constitutional state, which many citizens. It seems that would enjoy the traumatized victims less care than their tormentors. The planned and judicial metered punishment is many another reason to shake…...
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