Cut off from Sebastian Fitzek and Michael Tsokos Review

The authors duo, both forensic scientists of the Charité in Berlin, has created with his community work “Cut off” a locally terrifying, bloodthirsty psycho-thriller that will not be for everyone. The underlying serious issue is can not bring their own sense of justice in accordance sexual criminal law in our constitutional state, which many citizens. It seems that would enjoy the traumatized victims less care than their tormentors. The planned and judicial metered punishment is many another reason to shake of the head, because sex offenders are obviously with much lower prison terms of it than other criminals: Such a tax evaders is serving seven years in prison, while a father who abused his four year old daughter, on probation continued in the same shall dwell house.

The discussion in the media and in the public question of justice in our system I have been following with interest and was immediately hooked to find them used as a concept for a psychological thriller.

However, the implementation has rather shocked me than convinced. At times I had the impression to have a guide “torture today” in hands. If you want to do these details of blood and pain, will not find peace rather than to the bestial sex offender finally on page 378 the neck is cut. Thanks to the plain language style, the two-part story that takes parallel on Helgoland and around Berlin its dramatic history reads very quickly. Two girls, Lily and Rebecca, were captured by the psychopathic sex offenders January Sadler held and desecrate disgusting, degrading manner.

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Their fathers, Sven Martinek and Philipp Schwintowski, feel the entire judiciary cheated and decide to make themselves for justice. Everyone should pay to vorderster Front Paul Herzfeld, the chief medical examiner of the BKA and a colleague Martineks. Herzfeld had Lily four years ago on his autopsy table. In a diary she tells of the terrible torments that the rapist her inflicted. For fear of what to possibly even worse could follow, she had chosen death and hanged himself If Herzfeld had written his report so that the death of the convicted Sadler could be attributed to the girl undoubtedly -. He could not the prosecutor therefore served as a murderer – then Sadler had not escaped with negligent homicide.

Because Herzfeld but not liked so clearly make its opinion, as his colleague Martinek wish that Sadler was found after more than three years at liberty – and grabbed Rebecca Schwintowski. She had the same martyrdom by live like Lily, and she ended her misery itself. Herzfeld is now to feel first hand how it feels when his daughter the same thing happens and he must fear the dearest in his life to lose. Martinek and Schwintowski develop a perfidious, grueling plan. Do you think Hannah Herzfeld caught somewhere and send their father on a special scavenger hunt. The messages are hidden in corpses, but he may not dissect himself; someone else has to do this work for him.

Meanwhile, Danny, the stalker, the comic artist Linda pursued so penetrating that it finally settles to Helgoland. But even there they can briefly imagine in safety, as sounds, smells and changes in house scare her. Danny has her very close to his. As she flees rather outside, although this she goes in mortal danger because hurricane-like storms raging around the island. At the surf wall she discovered a dead body …

As Linda now is to Herzfeld’s right hand as by mobile phone statement dissected corpses and all somehow logical and quite well done fits into a whole that you want your very personal reading horror are. apart from the aforementioned smashing torture scenes, the narrative and conversational tone is quite “normal,” so lightly. Really want that match neither the cruelties nor with the thorny problem of vigilantism and justice. Sometimes sitting the authors of almost straight face – then burst little humorous brainstorms like firecrackers ( “gay radar,” caretaker Ender “bin Laden”; Thanksgiving as autopsy report …). Instead, some more of such sharp wit and a little less jagged and blutverkrusteter sadism would have done well to sandwiches and even an asterisk longer cut off with me …

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Cut off from Sebastian Fitzek and Michael Tsokos Review
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