The Women He Knew From Michael Hjorth And Hans Rosenfeldt Review

The following sample essay on “The women he knew”. Thanks to the completely screwed-up nature of the psychologist Sebastian Bergmann himself is a case for the psychiatrist. He had always volatile extramarital relationships with other women. From one of these relationships, the daughter Vanja emerged whose mother has never given up her the name of the biological father. Since Sebastian’s wife and daughter lost in a tsunami in Thailand, it burden nightmares and depression. Now he’s looking certainly refuge with other women, and they are so many that he can remember little of faces or names.

Meanwhile, Vanja is thirty years, and one of the top investigators of the Empire homicide in Stockholm , not namely by Sebastian, her fifty year-old father, who wants to give her his now after years of close and his long-suffering soul some balm

But he’s good – but she does not notice that she is constantly pursued by a stalker. in mind. driven by hate, he does everything possible to drive a wedge in Vanjas family.

On their foster father, he has to find something criminal in the hope in his resume, recognized a fellow former police officer. Believes Sebastian actually to be able to enforce this way Vanjas love?

He is you do not even sympathetic, because she knows him from a case a few years earlier, the could solve the kingdom homicide only with its help. Unbearable for all, he posed as egomaniacal, opinionated, not team player Profiler. At that time, he analyzed the case of the serial offender Edward Hinde and gave important clues to get him behind bars.

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Hinde had raped women always have the same rituals and brutally killed. The spectacular case is a hyper-intelligent perpetrators offered Sebastian Bergmann enough material to publish a number of non-teaching books.

Now, a copycat killer has set out to copy the murders Hindes in detail. What connects its victims, is that they all had with Sebastian Bergmann sex. No wonder then that this is pushing the reconnaissance team, where he is only tolerated due. Many, many pages fill the two authors until the elite force of the Reich Commission in cooperation with the psychologist finally the already recognizable for all blindworms connection between original and imitation reveals.

When the two women and two men Empire homicide teams do not just leave heartily about their feelings or their relationship problems, they work so amateurish that it hurts. How, for example, it is possible to keep from his high-security cell out incommunicado the old fox Hinde? From countless films and thrillers we know many clever variations. But to Hinde to get wise, both the Swedish investigators need and the dummdödelige new prison director Thomas Haraldsson, who can wrap his most dangerous prisoners around the finger, unbearably long time. Just think: Hinde is a computer in his high-security cell, but internet access – no, he did not; that has the security expert of the prison, as he assured the investigators thoroughly reviewed … Who can they believe that?

And what has driven psychopath to their deeds? As so often sexual violence and abuse have to serve in the childhood. Yes, these relationships there are, of course, but sometimes you wish for just a novel reader a more imaginative, more individual alternative than the standard solution in the textbook. The resolution of the entire drama follows known paths.

“The women he knew” (Swedish title “Lärjungen”, translated by Ursel Allenstein) is a crime that one will soon forget. Neither plot nor stress build nor the acting figures have that certain something to the book by the author duo Michael Hjorth & amp; let stand out Hans Rosenfeldt from the mass of similar works.

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The Women He Knew From Michael Hjorth And Hans Rosenfeldt Review
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