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The gift of Sebastian Fitzek Review Paper

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What term is now well each be the first to mind when the word “Christmas” falls? That will be the one with whom Sebastian Fitzek his latest thriller has dubbed. It also corresponds admirably with the season in which the book is presented in the shop windows. Increasingly dense crowds will frolic in the coming weeks in bookstores, with only one desperate thought in mind: “A gift must be found” And what better to take as the object on which the relieving words are emblazoned: “The Gift”

Hopefully everyone spontaneous buyer is aware what he was intends to put under the Christmas tree.. In some delicate besaitetem godchild or grandmother’s literary darling could trigger sheer dread. After all, this author knows no inhibitions. His works are thoroughly bloodthirsty, cruel and shameless. After barely three pages you’ve already taken the first mass rape behind – the schauderliche welcome for the protagonist in the prison Berlin-Tegel. he have three hundred and fifty pages, and we are still ahead of us.

Fortunately, the hardened petty criminals Milan mountain can (28) the prospect of continuing to turn away his torture by serving up the importunate roommates its history. Sensitive Fitzek novices gives the a breather without new sadisms while hardened fans will for the time being bored. Milan sits a because of an infamous crime scam. First he carefully selects a victim, then he gets at it. As alleged cop he warns it against a psycho who had unfortunately gone to the police station through their fingers. Finally he emerged with more rolled-back balaclava, takes his victim hostage and blackmailed a ransom.

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But with Andra storm he gets on the wrong thing. The waitress in the “All-American Diner” is well prepared, they surprised when Milan just before closing time in its charges. Without further ado, they fry him the content provided baseball bat over the head – from Milan’s point of view “love at first hit”. In real life, Andra would now call the police, but in Fitzeks fiction, the two come closer. “A handsome guy like you with such a creative intelligence. Why are you doing that shit, and do not have a normal job?” These are Andras’s first words when Milan comes on the office couch again, and they hit the nail on the head.

Because with “creative intelligence” has gemauschelt Milan since school days through life. His main concern: cover up that he can neither read nor write has learned. The homework he make of classmates before dictations he put it, with forms he could not do anything on applications he had to do without. Lack of access to Hartz IV and proper jobs he tried to finance his modest lifestyle to the crooked tour.

Andra could turn his fate. She sits down at her boss for him, and, impressed by Milan’s photographic memory, sets it actually. But the great opportunity now to finally come out boldly as illiterate and fix his shortcoming can not to take Milan. The years of shame had “like a tattoo … in his mind fixed”.

Unfortunately, his inability dire consequences for others. At a red light it counters a girl in the car next to a described list. Although he can not decipher the “hieroglyphics”, it signaled the obvious panic of about thirteen, that she feels mortally threatened. A “common bond woven from mental cruelty”, connects it with her. He informed about his Andra suspected of having observed a kidnapping, and the two look into the matter.

This takes the plot of the psychological thriller tremendous momentum. we learn in between, from different perspectives, looking back, scenes from Milan’s childhood. There are disturbing details about animal cruelty, rape, arson and murder, which suggest that evil stuck in it per se. In his own mind those events waft only in mist, especially since he had temporarily in a coma. With every episode from the past and each new twist in the present, new people, new images, new plot threads join add to somehow put together at the end to a character image – or lose in Nirvana. The reader buzzes in any case the head, but worse it is with Milan, which is the center of this vortex become all the plaything. Some want to help the others have evil in mind

By the way -. It was still corrected – the title has nothing to do with Christmas. Instead, a mysterious age presented an evening in the “All-American Diner” our protagonist a small cardboard box with pills in it as a “gift”. If Milan engaging the medication daily, “you might be able to read again,” he says. As crazy man Milan appear, so it is but to think that he knows his name and his secret. Then Milan reminiscent of an adventure book from his youth. It told of two children who invented a coded language of letters and numbers. Milan and his former childhood friend liked it, and they used the book and the code to communicate confidentially with each other.

Sebastian Fitzeks trademarks can be found on many sites and in all storylines. They are his visionary detailed discussion of physical agony, psychopathic obsessions, trimmed corpses, all of them insane scenes for the reader’s mental cinema. What about the grandpa collected once a living on his walks in the woods ticks? Then you have to come only once: If Grandma did not keep their budget properly in order, he punished her by her touched the animals into the cereal. Was a shirt badly folded, he bound the wife, taped her eyelids stuck up and placed the beasts to their eyeballs.

At the latest at such ludicrous delicacies sadistic fantasy one suspects that the author seriously can not mean what he then brings in unimaginable on paper. Rather, it seems, he amused himself most in the refined game he drives with his readers. The loyal fans want to be immersed with all your senses into worlds that we fortunately do not have to locate in our reality, and they enjoy there a shiver, can not understand the other readers and want. but it is only a superficial decoration, nothing more is behind the – neither a literary nor a company-specific concept. In the afterword Fitzek verklausuliert the names of those to whom he owes you, in the code of his protagonist and wants us to “enjoy” the deciphering, but immediately adds that after all only “poor fools” would undertake this effort.

Each Fitzek newcomer who finds this “gift” under the tree or begrudge brave is desired, a robust artery for its idiosyncratic irony. It is not for everyone.

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