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Through reading the play Noises Off, one is able to see the characters trying to present the play Nothing On.The action takes place in numerous theatres, where the audience could see behind the scene of a true theatre production. Noises Off was written by a British author name Michael Frayn. This play is a very humorous and outrageous play, were each character in Noises Off plays another character in Nothing On. In this paper, I shall analysis the plot of this play, the characters, and the roles that each character plays.

The play Noises Off takes place on Monday, January 14 in Weston-Super-Mare Grand Theatre (Frayn, pg.4). As for Nothing On, it takes place in the living room of Brent’s country home on a Wednesday afternoon (Frayn, pg.4). During the play Noises Off, Dotty Otley born in Malta, goes with Garry Lejeune.

She won the Rose Bruford Medal for effort.Miss Otley seems to always forget what she is supposed to be doing in the play.

She can’t figure out weahter to take the sardines and newspaper out or leave them and keep the receiver on or off the hook.From the play, it could probably be said that, Dotty is not understandable, but is smart.She loves to do what everyone asks of her and Garry does.Like in Act I when Garry says to Doty, “I’d be perfectly happy with the sardines if you were happy with them, love”, then Dotty replies, “I’m happy with them if you’re happy with them, love.

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”Leaving Garry, Dotty decides to ho with Fredrick. Dotty had money in show and that’s how!

Selsdon got his job.By Dotty working with Lloyd before was what kept Selsdon in the play even though he was drunk.
At the beginning of the play, entering from the service quarters into the living room is Mrs. Clackett.Mrs. Clackett, played by Dotty is the Brent’s housekeeper who supposedly always goes home at o’clock on Wednesday.

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