Issue of Off Campus Lunches for Students

Open Campus Lunches Being a teenager is a great time. You start to gain certain freedoms that you were not able to enjoy when you were younger. Responsibility Is an Inevitable part of growing up. Although it may not be a necessity, eating lunch off campus Is not an option that our school offers, which Isn’t fair to the students. In fact, only 1 In every 3 high school campuses are allowed to eat lunch off school grounds. In previous years students eve been given the opportunity to leave during their lunch hours.

The chance to do this was revoked after the students were being Irresponsible with their time and violating school rules. Students In our class and classes below us should not be punished for the mistakes that the students before us made and should be given the opportunity to make decisions for themselves. Being able to leave the school during lunch hours is a privilege, but not all students are able to make smart decisions when given privileges.

Administrators were unable to control what students could do once hey left the school property, which led to students taking part in illegal activities off school campus.

Should Students Be Allowed To Go Off Campus For Lunch

Of course not all students were guilty of breaking the rules,which is why it is difficult for administrators to attempt to make a choice that is justifiable for everyone. Although I do not agree with the decision of the administrators who have taken away campus lunches, they also have their reasons for having doubts on letting students leave.

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With obesity rates being at an all time high in the United States, school administrators are debating on whether the students are able to make the lethal choices they need.

Government officials are making low calorie diets mandatory in K-12 schools across the country. With obesity rates at 35. 7%, the medical costs are also at an all time high. The United States spent 147 billion dollars in 2008 on medical expenses related to obesity. The school has no way to control the nutritious value of the food that the students will be consuming. The government has begun putting strict restrictions on the nutritional value of the food students are eating, and with good reason.

The average obese adult tends to spend $1,429 more on average on medical expenses alone. School meals are based on a low calorie diet In an attempt to lower the obesity rates. But the attempt to provide healthier lunches Is ruined when students are heading to their favorite fast food restaurant In order to save money and be back In time for class. The solution to finding a way to make sure that children are responsible enough to leave campus for lunch Is having them prove themselves throughout their high school career.

I feel that open campus lunches would only be available to Juniors and seniors who have met certain requirements. Our school offers the black and orange cards, which gives students certain freedoms by meeting certain requirements through academics and attendance. The solution woo a De salary to tens program, except It would only De available to upperclassman. The requirements would have to include a good discipline history and a good attendance. This would help filter out the kids who would be abusing their privileges by not returning after they leave or partaking in illegal activities.

By making sure that the responsible students are the ones who have the freedom, you would be protecting the students who have worked for the opportunity to have options at lunch. As for the health factor, students need to be in some sort of a physical education class, like most schools do. Lowering the obesity rate is not going to happen quickly, but there are preventative measures that we can take to help out our upcoming generations. I feel that keeping the country healthy is important but there should not be major restrictions to keep you from your freedoms.

Teachers always say that they work to help prepare us for the real world. Well in the real world you have the ability to make your own choices, which makes giving us the responsibility to make our own decision a more helpful solution to preparing us for the real world. All in all, there are so many factors in the debate over open campus lunches that it is impossible to be able to be able to make one final choice, which is why high schools are so divided over the topic. In any situation there are going to be students who will e irresponsible with their privileges.

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