How to Keep Campus Students from Littering

As a proposal to help with the littering problem on campus, I suggest more trashcans in the parking lots and other high trafficked areas, some motivational propaganda to promote awareness of litter problem and arsenal student initiatives to help keep campus clean. Let’s look a little more at the main reasons people give for why there is litter on campus. The first reason given is laziness, they don’t feel like walking to a trashcan to throw away their garbage this is also a lack of motivation.

Reasons Why People Litter

Some think that since there is maintenance it is their job to pick up trash anyway so they are helping provide them a job. Also they let it pile up in their car or they throw it in the back of their truck and the valid blows it out of the vehicle. Another reason given for littering is the lack of available trashcans in a parking lot or other high traffic areas.

As a cause of this Students, Patrons, and visitors just throw their trash in the parking lot instead off trashcan.

As Mr.. Ray Gillespie has said a big problem as far as littering is from the movement of trash as its being collected. Trash often ends up flying out the back of the Gators that are used to transport trash bags collected in between buildings and from dumpsters as they are being emptied by the garbage trucks. My Proposal to help with the litter problem on campus is to first provide more trashcans in and around the parking lots and high trafficked areas.

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The trashcans should be highly visible, so bright attention grabbing colors would be preferable, so as to encourage people to use them. Another way to help with the litter problem is to create awareness of the problem using motivational propaganda, such as posters, bulletins and other signage. Also by having clean up days that involve students and faculty, especially clubs that are on campus this will help create more awareness. A possible way to encourage student involvement as well would be the possibility of incentives.

The incentives could range from a free lunch to extra credit in one of their classes if the teacher is willing. In conclusion, to help with the litter problem on campus, we need to find ways to encourage students to have a personal incentive to keep the campus clean. Create motivational propaganda to create awareness of the litter problem. Provide more trashcans and make them visible to encourage students, patrons, and visitor: to throw trash in trashcans instead of on the ground.

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