School Lunches Across the Country

In the colloquium “Pediatric Obesity”, the obesity epidemic among young children in the United States of America is more than just a hazardous health problem. Although people may not realize it immediately, the obesity epidemic is also a socioeconomic dilemma, in which social class and income affect the likelihood that a child will succumb to pediatric obesity. Although money is not the solution to ending obesity among children, the circumstances toward health options and the affordability of healthy food options are either unpopular or too expensive.

Therefore, this colloquium relates to the Common Core question of what it means to forge a more just society for the common good as it requires the need for action towards government reform in health education, food options in schools, and affordability for healthier food options.

The first major way to forge a more just society by giving young citizens the opportunity and necessity to be healthy is to reinstitute physical education in schools, which would include actual exercise as well as health education to maintaining a nutritious lifestyle, The percentages of physical education in schools decreases dramatically from 89% among middle schools to 20% among high schools, as the high demand to better test scores and the false pretense that sports alone can compensate for physical education.

95% of school lunches across the nation does not fulfill the proper nutrition requirements children need to grow, in which 31 million children depend on school lunches for meals every day. Supporting for a federal mandate to force schools to provide more nutritious meals would aid in the common good for the children, Ultimately, in order to create a more just society for the common good, steps must be taken to ensure the future of our society’s growing citizens and to stabilize issues regarding health and attitudes regarding health.

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