Analysis of potential accidents during a school tour across the country

Topics: Risk Management

At school, trips are the thing to look forward to. I look forward to the annual geographic tour across the country. Through experience, it is important to research the locality to visit before visiting. The identification of new and experienced hazards is prudent for it assists participants in any field of study to know what they need to do or have so as to avoid risk. Otherwise, some damages can lead to great loss and even death.

After identification, assessment of the risks identified should be done and recommendations to solutions done fully so that outside the class study can run smoothly.

Going out to the field is informed by a variety of factors; academic trips, nature walks, outing, and party sprees constitute activities that take people to the outside world. In the event of such activities, the participants face challenges and experiences which are not human-friendly. Both human and environmental hazards affect them. The academic trips at school are usually pre-organized and routinely.

Human and environmental hazards, never the less are part and parcel of the whole deal. Gather thing important information for the study needs one to communicate with unknown groups of people. This poses a lot of difficulties in dealing with it as a human hazard. Human hostility in some instances during the field study was a dominant human hazard. Some communities are so hostile when it comes to giving any piece of information in so far as the study is concerned. This could lead to physical fights that can cause bodily damage anyway.

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Recent Outing Experience

Apart from human activities that cause difficulty in any field study, environmental factors do course difficulty during such times. Some hazards are beyond human control. Acts of God constitute almost all environmental hazards. Heavy rains, thunder, and lightning were our worst experience while out there, caused fear, wasted time and also the rains damaged some of our items. The experience had far-reaching consequences whereby some colleagues suffered injuries due to sliding and falling on rocks. To add on this, factors like geographical layout and terrain are factors that we experienced. Dangerous terrains that were breathe taking formed part of us. Geographical factors include harmful plantations e.g. the carnivorous wild plant that is harmful to health because they are itchy and poisonous.

Outing Experience

During the resent mountain climbing experience, the leader has experienced hiker and had done several tours across the country. That was her specialty. The precaution taken included conducting several drills, first aid tests and theoretical questions that were undertaken in class. The accident potential model applies through the measures taken. First, the leader was keen on the environmental and human hazard. The personnel was well equipped and experienced. Thus the following are the prevention models. Human prone difficulties and challenges can be prevented through a reconnaissance, which helps in familiarization and creating a rapport with the occupants of any place. Issues of the language barrier and lack of funds are quite relative, depending on the investment a study requires. There should be first aid training sessions. Such short-term training help in knowledge acquisition in the medical sector and may assist during emergencies and minor injuries. To add on this, participants should be given adequate warning before, during and after their journey to the field. This makes them prepare well and carry anything necessary. Studies should be conducted in locations on or lose to tarmac and paths so as participants can find clear means and ways of exit during emergencies. Researchers should be encouraged to find low-risk areas ranging from climatically to geographical risk-prone areas unless otherwise put. Areas with well-marked and maintained footpaths and other important indications should be encouraged for research.

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