"Apocalypse yesterday. Diary of the world tour" Review

C of this book I met Stogoffym as before for some reason, bypasses the bright cover with a stylized wide font. And then we gave the banal read, recommended. The impression of the atmosphere of the book was controversial. On the one hand, a fairly simple journalistic language, short sentences, clear thoughts. On the other hand, leans chunk of the topics that the author chose. Clearly drawn image of a traveler’s author, brutal character, free from prejudice, not such as all.

I slipped the book rather quickly, a few days in the transport. And, oddly enough, did not have irritation. Of course, the main idea of ​​the author (who is also the lyrical hero) – we all die – is repeated with the tenacity of a jackhammer more than once, of course, he could look deeper into those worlds, which he visited on his route.

However, the main reason for my enthusiasm for this book was probably the fact that thinking Stogoffa coincided with the porridge that emerged and accumulated in my head ever since I became interested in the world, the former to me – lost civilizations, forgotten people, collapsed cultures, archaeological discoveries and and so forth.

  We are all going to die, because it is the law of life, human happiness can be pulled together only at the point of existence here, in real cities, among the people of these. Man carries only at the time of birth – in fact it can be born in the heyday of its civilization, and can we, in the time of its extinction.

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The person in fact tightly bound to their place of birth, existence.. It feels like underfoot reeling land torn by death, as the agony squeezes his usual world, and in fact has vanished this world, a person will remain in the wilderness. Desert satisfied as a habitat only venomous snakes but spiders and human the mind is not enough air. He resists, pulls himself from oblivion of time and space, surrounded by monuments, fighting hard, but because the scale of the struggle are incommensurable. And the only thing, perhaps, what it can do – try to imagine what would happen to the world after he was gone. Or, alternatively, to live cheerfully existing life, trying not to opt for this Minor and Central Asia. Well, as for me, so I think I count something else this author.

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"Apocalypse yesterday. Diary of the world tour" Review
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