A Detailed Marketing Management Plan Regarding a Tour to Korea

A marketing plan is a detailed blueprint that illustrates an organization’s general marketing efforts. A marketing plan can be applied from two perspectives; tactics and strategy. Strategic planning is a yearly process that covers a year. On some instances, organizations can plan over three or more years. In this paper, I will write a detailed marketing plan regarding a tour to Korea. The main target market is the local and international market, the historians, scenery travelers as well as geographers are the main segment of tourists that I target.

These are a segment of tourists that can be fascinated by the historic sites in Korea as well as the hydro- volcano that is majestically formed among other tourists’ attraction sites. According to research, almost 25 million Koreans travel abroad every year yet a small population has visited the beauties of the country. On the other hand, there is a low percentage of tourists who travel to Korea.

The primary channel that will be used to reach the target market is online.

Worldwide access and use of the internet has increasingly played an important role in the decision-making process and travel planning. According to research travel planning as well as booking is among the most common online activities in the main e-commerce markets. Besides, more travelers scrutinize their travel options on an online platform, An online travel sale is gradually growing at an explosive rate. The primary reasons for choosing an online channel is that; the online platform over the years has proven to be a good tourism marketing tool.

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The internet provides the tourism industry a lot of opportunities to market products, destinations, and services. According to a survey, internet usage by international visitors has increased by 72%.

Also, the online platform is an information tool for tourism research, decision—making, and planning. Besides, online channels act as purchasing tools. Through availing transaction opportunities in an online channel, I will gain a competitive advantage, for instance, by providing the Channel for clients to purchase or book a travel producti Orbitz is one of the leading online travel agencies across the globe. The company enables tourists and travelers to search for as well as purchase a wide range of travel products, i,e, travel tickets, rental cars, vacation packages, and cruises Since my target market is global, it is relevant that I use the third largest online tourist site in the globe, I will use Orbitz in two ways; first 1 will Join Orbitz as an affiliate program whereby I will allow them place their links and ads on my website. Therefore, my product will be easily marketed as an affiliate of Orbitz.

Secondly, I will employ the promotional, marketing, and merchandised opportunities offered by Orbitz. These include; the featured campaigns as well as social media outreach, my decision to choose an online marketing plan is informed by the fact that the world as gone digital or rather technological. Besides, the number of online users has drastically increased regarding travel and tourism. Therefore, by using an online channel a wider market and more customers would be reached. Choosing Orbitz as my primary online platform is because of its success in the travel sector as an agency, Orbitz being the third largest, and one of the most successful online channels would mean that a larger international market is reached easily and timely. Besides, it offers clients a range of products that are complementary, hence an easy task for a traveler our tourist who am seeking for. As discussed above the most effective channel of marketing is online marketing.

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