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Lots of people go to Paris, for food, fashion, and the culture. People go there to celebrate their recently established marriage which we know as the “Honeymoon”. As the beautiful twinkling lights with the sweet and salty aroma of fresh bread fill the air it’s no wonder people go to Paris! If you haven’t been to Paris and you want to enjoy your trip but not spend too much, then this travel guide is right for you!   Every year, 15.

45 million people travel to Paris. But some might not know where to spend their days as they wander down the cobblestone street. Sometimes, walking down cobblestone streets may be fun as you discover markets with fresh red cherries but there are times when you walk for miles and there is nothing to see, so best to follow this guide!

hotels from hotels to inns, there are over thousands of places you can find to spend your nights in, but for a cheap and gorgeous hotel with an amazing view, Le Petit Chatelet is very clean and very beautiful with gorgeous stone walls and soft lighting.

Also, in front of The Fontaine des Innocents or, Fountain Of The Innocent. It’s a fountain and history says that it used to be a fountain with water but now it’s dry but if you look closely, there are bodies of people bathing in the fountain. Honestly, it’s not very exciting. But hey, then you’ll probably not forget where your hotel is! Just keep a lookout for the fountain and you’ll find your way back to the hotel/inn.

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If you walk a little further down from the hotel, there’s a grocery store that is very different than your local H.E.B or grocery store!  Fighting Jet-LagNow, once you reach Paris, I’m quite sure you might suffer from a horrible thing known by many far and wide, called Jet Lag! And if you don’t know what it is then it’s when you travel to a new country and you’re not adjusted to the time zone so you sleep in the morning and wake at night. But, this wastes your time in Paris, and remember time flies, so a trick learned is very simple; Keep Yourself Awake! During the day stay strong and stay awake, night you sleep!

But if you need, sleep the first day. Can’t have you sleepwalking through Paris! Keep Calm and Purchase A Travel Book. Before all that, purchase a travel book to Paris! That way you can mark your destination, find out where you are, and find cafes and restaurants! Planning where you want to go is very useful but words of advice, do Not by all means, Not rush yourself to make sure you go everywhere! Yes, sightseeing is fun, but please, take your time and not rush to this place, then rush to that place and completely exhaust yourself and not enjoy your time! I have experience and trust me, it’s very tiring to have to rush around, trying to cover every single spot of ground so please take your time and visit the places you want to go and not some boring ol’ museum that talks about goat cheese (even if it tastes so good)! So keep calm and seriously just keep calm. Food For the Hungry Well, now after talking about goat cheese I’m getting hungry so let’s talk food! Macaroons are delicious and Paris is also quite famous for them, but the best is Laduree. Its sweet flavor and rich flavor can beat any other but no wonder because history says people all over the world traveled to Paris just to eat the macaroons from Laduree. Now that we covered macaroons, we shall now proceed to restaurants. Le Roi du Pot au Feu is a very nice restaurant with 30s decoration and checked tablecloth. No reservation is needed. Plus, walking a little down the road from the hotel is a bakery with amazing croissants! It’s called Artisan Boulanger  Once you eat those light, flaky, and buttered croissants, when you go back and try a normal croissant, it’s like comparing gold to rocks. I’m not even exaggerating! Interesting BuildingsNow that we covered restaurants, let’s move on to some interesting buildings!

The Eiffel Tower is the most famous building. If you want to, you can travel up the Eiffel Tower but you should go at night because if you travel at night the Eiffel Tower lights up the night. Warning, if you travel in the morning you’d most likely develop a severe fear of heights. If you’ve heard about the famous Mona Lisa and you wanna visit it, you’re in luck! Since you’re in Paris, you can find the famous Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum! Arc de Triomphe is also a place you might want to see because it is a historical landmark with bodies of the fallen soldiers. Also, Notre Dame is an extremely beautiful Cathedral. It is extremely old and beautifies the place. Fun Fact: A really fun fact is that Emma Watson who starred as Hermione Granger in the best movie in the world Harry Potter! was born in Paris, France. Paris will always be there to share its beauty with you. Au revoir!

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