Marketing Communications Plan To Launch A New Brand Marketing Essay


Hydra is to be launched as a premium trade name for still unflavoured and flavored H2O. It would be available in two sizes of 750ml and 330 milliliters each. The bigger bottle is to be made available in athleticss battalion and the smaller in a screw cap. Along with unflavoured H2O, Hydra offers four ‘water plus ‘ spirits which are orangish n cherry, ginger n lemon, batch N herbs and merely grape. The flavored bottles would be available as ‘Hydra! ‘ to distinguish them from unflavored.

Competition ANALYSIS

The bottled H2O industry is basically a portion of the soft drinks sector which besides includes carbonated drinks, still drinks, juices and other dilatable ; stand foring a entire client value worth & A ; lb ; 219 billion ( Leijh, 2006 ) . The image of carbonates, the biggest participant of this sector, has been on a diminution due to turning wellness concerns and the industries accordingly try to reinvent their offerings in order to pull the consumers. Thus the traditional boundaries between carbonated drinks, H2O and juices and being dropped as newer blends hit the shelves every twenty-four hours.

The competition hence in this industry is huge and proactive. Offers in the market which provide the value of slaking thirst must be regarded as indirect competition. These will include carbonated drinks, juices, milk, energy drinks, still drinks and even sparkling H2O ; across all spirits. Some of the indirect rivals identified are Pepsi, Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, Britvic, Cresta, Tango, Sunkist, Lucozade, Tropicana, Nesquik and Scheweppes Tonic. The direct competition comes from other bottled H2O trade names which target the same market as Hydra.

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These trade names provide about the same value that is, still unflavoured and flavored H2O to the same market sections. The trade names identified as direct competition for farther analysis are Vittel and Aqua Pura. The Vittel trade name belongs to the Perrier household owned by Nestle while Aqua Pura is an ain label production from Well Well. Both these trade names offer still flavored and unflavoured H2O.


The bottled H2O market in the UK posted strong positive growing and entire value of & A ; lb ; 1.4 billion in 2007 ( Data Monitor Industry Profile, 2008 ) . The volume of gross revenues has besides been invariably increasing at a compound one-year growing rate of 5.7 % from 2 billion litres in 2003 to 2.5 billion in 2007. Data proctor survey besides reveals that still unflavoured H2O consists of 48.4 % of entire gross revenues in this industry and still unflavoured consists of 12.2 % . A survey of 24000 samples by Livingstone ( 2004 ) reemphasizes the big figure of still H2O drinkers over scintillating. Figure 1 shows the laterality of still H2O in this market.

Figure: Changing young person imbibing wonts

Figure: Laterality of Still waterThe young person market section in this industry has besides been increasing in importance for the trade names. Livingstone ( 2004 ) charts an about 20 % addition in usage of bottled H2O in 11-19 old ages old over 1997 to 2004. This is shown in Figure 2. The communicating schemes of the trade names besides reflect reacting to this. Nestle Waters launched Vittel Red, aimed at immature work forces and adult females through an high-strung stigmatization attack ( Haymarket Publication, 2006 ) . Aqua Pura ‘s Activa and Revive are two sub trade names aimed at aiming the young person. Salazar ( 2007 ) states how demographics affect the use of bottled H2O across UK. Women constitute the bulk of bottled H2O drinkers. Around 45 % of 18 to 34 twelvemonth old adult females and 44.6 % of 35 to 54 twelvemonth old adult females devour bottled H2O. Men ‘s per centums of the 18 – 34 age groups drank 35.3 % and those in the age group from 35 to 54 consumed 34.5 % . In add-on, harmonizing to WQA studies ( cited in Salazar, 2007 ) , some 47 % of 18 to 34 twelvemonth olds do non believe that their H2O is safe ; hence 41.4 % of them consume bottled H2O on a regular basis.

Target Selling

In the value exchange attack to selling, Gabbott ( 2004 ) , states that the trade name should place mark sections based on the significance and viability of the merchandise for the mark. Targeting includes placing specific group of consumers with similar penchants for whom the merchandise is most meaningful and appropriate. This analysis identifies three mark sections for the bottled H2O trade names in survey.

Sports Active Both Aqua Pura and Vittel have athleticss cap available and are taking patrons of featuring events. While Aqua Pura sponsors the UK Athletics and the great tally programme ; Vittel has been a patron of London endurance contest since the past 8 old ages. It would be interesting to observe that Vittel even has marathon preparation and hydration tips from adept Jamie Baird on its web site. Vittel besides launched a new drink Vittel +Energy with public presentation heightening ingredients ( refer to Figure 3 )

Travel For It Guys/Girls Livingstone ( 2004 ) identifies lifestyle and manner driven drinkers as Go-For-It mark. These are active immature males and females who are heavy cyberspace users and fast nutrient consumers. Both the trade names provide sleek bottle options for this group. To aim this group, Vittel operates as a lifestyle H2O option with high-strung stigmatization. Its David Bowie commercial was chiefly targeted at this mark group. Aqua Pura on the other manus attracts this group through its bomber trade names Activa and Revive.

Figure: Vittel +energy Source: nutrient industry ( 2003 ) , ebsco publishingChildren Both the companies target kids as one of the of import mark groups. With smaller bottles available which can suit into the school tiffin boxes, to bind ups with Warner Bros and Looney Toones ; Vittel strives to make a full fledging division for kid consumers merely. Aqua Pura ‘s Champions programme ( Aqua Pura, 2008 ) is once more a kids specific programme through which it spreads the message of mundane healthy hydration along with the aid of school instructors.

Market Placement

To analyze the market placement of the bottled H2O industry, it is indispensable to place the wide values that the consumer demands and the values that are provided by the bing market participants. The basic value demanded and supplied in this industry is that of slaking the thirst. As King ( 2002 ) points out, there has been a batch of weight placed on research and development to heighten this value supplied. Lots of research and selling has been focused into development of ‘water + ‘ options from vitamins to oxygen to new spirits being introduced. As the basic value is served by all the market participants, distinction is possible merely through value add-ons and trade name development.

To develop a trade name positioning map for this survey, the trade name entreaty ( premium, sophisticated – urban, immature ) and the value distinction ( regular – flavored ) are chosen as the properties. The positioning map therefore developed is shown as Figure 4.








Sophisticated EVIAN




The aims of this program are identified below.

To make trade name consciousness.

The mark market has to be made cognizant of the being of the trade name. This is to be achieved through a mix of both above and below the line activities. Seventy five per centum of the mark market is to be made cognizant over the clip program.

To accomplish market incursion.

This is to be done through a combination of aggressive below the line and pricing schemes. Fifty per centum of the mark market is to be penetrated over the clip program.

To make trade name publicity.

Hydra is to be promoted sharply and to be established as an active and urban trade name of bottled H2O. Constitution of Hydra! as a unequivocal sub-brand.


Exploratory Research – 3 hebdomads

Concept Development and Creative Idea – 4 hebdomads

Market Tests – 1 hebdomad

Integrated Communicationss

Above-the-line Strategies – 12 hebdomads

Below -the-line Strategies – 26 hebdomads

Exploratory Research

Focus group interviews to be for merchandise development and purchaser behaviour research.

Concept Development and Creative Idea

The trade name ‘s communicating constructs are developed internally, media planning and budgeting is carried out. External services are hired to make communications.

Market Trials

Trials are carried to look into the response, cogency and effects of communications designed.

Integrated Communicationss

Validated communications are issued through above-the-line and below-the line.

Monitor and Evaluation

The feedbacks generated by the communications are to be monitored systematically. Evaluation of the program is to be done invariably and tight control is to be maintained.


The wide mark market for this trade name is everyone who wants to slake its thirst. But through the cleavage procedure, a few sections have been identified to which to which this communicating program is to be targeted. These are identified below –

Young urban professionals. Below 35 old ages of age, metropolis inhabitants male or female.

Sports partisans.

Childs from the age 8-16

Age group 16-22.

Market influence leaders

Through behavioural cleavage, mark sections identified include ‘Experiences ‘ , ‘Innovators ‘ and ‘Early Adopters ‘ .


The trade name Hydra will be launched through an aggressive above-the-line communications run. A strong ‘pull ‘ and ‘profile ‘ scheme is to be realized through above-the-line. The advertizements to be used for the run must be foremost used to present and remember the trade name, distinguish it from the competition, inform the consumers of the values in exchange and carry their purchasing determination.

Media Planning

Keeping in head the immense size of mark audience and comparative concentration in certain centres, the media to be used to present the communications has been decided. It is merely after this that communications are developed to be broadcast through these beginnings. The media selected for Above-the-line communications are Television, Print, Outdoor, In Store, and Internet.


Television is the most common medium for mass advertisement. For Hydra ‘s launch two Television commercials are to be created. It is aimed to advance Hydra as an individualistic, conventionalized and aspirational athleticss and lifestyle trade name through these commercials. The first Television ad should kick get down the run and to be followed by other mediums. The 2nd Television ad is to be launched after two hebdomads of the first commercial. Musca volitanss to be bought include lifestyle and athleticss channels at premier clip and eventide.


The print run for Hydra will get down at the same time with the telecasting commercial appearance. The print ads will be complementary to the message of the telecasting ads. The print media to be used is newspapers ( The Sun, Guardian ) magazines ( Men ‘s Health, Women ‘s Health, OK! ) and yellow journalisms ( Daily Mirror, The London paper ) . Full back page advertizements in day-to-day yellow journalisms twice a hebdomad for first four hebdomads and medium sized ads three yearss a hebdomad thenceforth, are to be placed. Medium sized advertizements in newspapers are to be placed five yearss a hebdomad for the first two hebdomads ; each twenty-four hours for a new spirit ( regular plus four ) . The explosion at the launch is to be followed by two ads a hebdomad. The magazines ad is to be accompanied with a reader competition as good.

Outdoor and In Shop

Banners, logo and ads are to be placed in public conveyance systems, high streets, shopping centres and inside the shop at points of sale.


Internet is to be really strategically used in order to pass on with the mark. The market influencers of the World Wide Web are to be targeted through community web sites, web logs, synergistic gambling and societal networking sites. The web site of Hydra is to include an synergistic game where the participant would necessitate to maintain his degree of Hydra high. The game would besides be linked to facebook as one of its applications. Video blogging and YouTube channels are besides to be used to advance the trade name. Hydra ads on the cyberspace would be seen in portals, intelligence and lifestyle sites.


It is imperative excessively design relevant below-the-line communicating schemes for the success of the launch of Hydra. Below-the-line communications of Hydra would be a mix of ‘pull ‘ and ‘push ‘ schemes. These are to be carried over a period of 26 hebdomads and so reassessed. Gross saless publicity, forming and patronizing events, effectual public dealingss, effectual distribution and personal merchandising are effectual techniques used.

Gross saless Promotion

In the initial period of launch, gross revenues publicity activities are indispensable. The purpose of aggressive gross revenues publicity would be to do the mark market seek the merchandise. It is planned that price reduction vouchers offering 50 per centum price reduction to be accompanied in the print ads. It is besides planned to hold price reduction vouchers for every single spirit on different yearss. This would assist advance each spirit every bit. Different price reductions are besides planned for section shops and convenience shops. Besides, bulk bargains in six battalions would pull price reductions. Through gross revenues publicity, Hydra is to be ‘pushed ‘ to the consumers.


The profile scheme calls for patronizing events as it helps set up and prolong the trade name. It is worthwhile to patronize merely if the trade name identifies with the event. With Hydra being an active life style and athleticss trade name, sponsorships of athleticss and other events would come of course. It is planned to get down with patronizing corporate athleticss meets and travel on to patronize international featuring events and other events such as a music festival. Sponsorships and events are a portion of the ‘pull ‘ scheme.

Public Relations

Effective PR has to be maintained while establishing the trade name. It would necessitate affairs with different imperativeness and intelligence bureaus. News releases for the trade name should be conspicuously featured. The influence leaders of the society demand to be targeted. Print articles sing wellness, hydration and fittingness are to be released in different publications.

Personal Selling

The largest purchasers of the bottled H2O industry are the departmental shops. Water is besides sold through other merchants, convenience shops, intelligence agents, tobacconists, some eating houses, booths and peddling machines. Personal merchandising is required to efficaciously make and keep strategic relationship with the channels. It is a authoritative portion of the ‘push ‘ scheme. Although the gross revenues individual would non be selling straight to the terminal user, its occupation would be all the more of import as it would be covering in larger measures with larger parties.



After the launch of Hydra in the United Kingdom, it is to be launched in the international market every bit good. It would be done after closely supervising the public presentation of the trade name in the UK. To establish the trade name internationally, the first measure is to make up one’s mind on the new market.

Hydra would look to venture into different European markets maintaining in head the propinquity to the UK, geographically and culturally. It would look frontward to establish the trade name in Ireland and France foremost and so spread out to Germany, Spain and Poland.


After set uping the trade name in the UK, the aim of Hydra would be to reiterate its local success in the international market every bit good. In the Irish and the Gallic markets, Hydra would still be an unknown entity. Therefore the first aim is to present the trade name and create trade name consciousness. The 2nd aim is to set up Hydra and Hydra! as lifestyle trade names. Overall the aim is to culturally suit in the new market.


Ireland and France have been chosen as markets for international launch because they do non differ much from the UK in footings of civilization. In footings of market cleavage, the mark sections for Hydra are the same as that in UK and so will be the placement of the trade name. Therefore it is planned to travel frontward with the same communications program tuned out with local linguistic communication.

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