My Thoughts About Juvenile Justice System

The juvenile system should be designed to teach youth a lesson. However, At least 65% of teens incarcerated have grown up in bad neighborhoods and are less fortunate. This makes it hard for things to get through to them outside of survival. They are put in bad situations at early ages and breaking the law becomes normal. After being in the low income environments they have thoughts as if they have nothing to lose. So they take risk and knowing they’re gambling with freedom but totally blind to the way they will be treated.

Locking them up will not change their upbringing. The juvenile system isn’t teaching youth a lesson their bringing depression. The juvenile system is wrong it should be changed to help incarcerated kids deal with issues from their past so that they become better in the future.

Teaching a lesson should not include making young people feel less human. Kids having thoughts of nobody loving them and everyone has thrown them away.

Feeling that nobody wants to spend time with them is very heartbreaking. They become depressed in often times think of themselves as failures. These things lead to depression and mental break downs. The lesson they are trying to teach makes them worse than before they got there.

The Juvenile Justice System should be changed to include programs that really rehabilitate offenders regardless of their background. Annie E. Casey started a foundation to help reduce youth incarceration. Many offenders are mistreated by the guards. Judges know everything they go through in the juvenile system yet do little to change it.

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The Annie E. Casey Foundation is devoted to developing a brighter future for millions of children at risk of poor educational, economic, social and health outcomes. Programs like this will actually help instead of locking them away like animals.

Juvenile offenders can also be sentenced as adults. Research shows that the human brain is still developing in the young adult years. This makes sentencing youth as adults unfair. Many teenagers are in jail for ligament reasons. However, giving them a second chance to make better choices might help. Youth being locked up for getting into fights is unfair when they might have a reason to fight. I believe that 100% of incarcerated teenagers need mentors and great role models to really help the boys and girls become better. I really hope that Annie’s foundation is an excellent success and programs like that are in all communities. Kids that are incarcerated need to be cared for properly. Making them become adults early will not help.

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