Juvenile Justice System And Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile justice system has been a system that was progressively created. Juvenile delinquency in history was at an all-time high and juveniles were being put in the same buildings and cells that adult criminals were. This was cruel and unusual punishment and was the basis behind the implementation of the juvenile justice system. The juvenile justice system has many similarities to the adult justice system but there is also a key component of finding ways to rehabilitate the juveniles while they are in the system.

While the adult justice system provides aspects of rehabilitation, the juvenile justice system has implemented multiple programs to stop the recidivism of juveniles. This project will be an analysis of how effective the juvenile justice system is at rehabilitating juveniles.

Statement of the Problem

The question is then posed, does the juvenile justice system rehabilitate the juveniles that are subject to its system or simply influence a pattern of behavior and a life of crime?

Analysis and Defense of My Position

1. Research explaining the limitations of incarceration in the juvenile justice system has regarding rehabilitating the youth

2. Issues that affect the rehabilitative efforts of the juvenile justice system

3. The issue and factors of ethnic discrimination in the rehabilitation of juveniles

4. Explanation of what best leads to best outcome for the juveniles


1. Review of the juvenile system, their short comings, and ways to implement a program that will ultimately be most beneficial and stop recidivism

2. Wrap up with my opinion and outlook on the juvenile justice system

Why is this important? Why did I select this topic?

This topic is important to me because I feel that we consistently and have seen patterns of juvenile delinquents being put into the juvenile justice system only to get out and repeat the same behaviors.

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I am not sure that the juvenile justice system’s goal is to truly rehabilitate the youth that are subject to it.

What is my position on the issue?

I believe that the juvenile justice system is solely influencing a pattern of behavior once they are released. Much like the adults who leave prison, but end up back a year or so later, there is a disconnect between the system and the repeat of criminal acts.


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