A View on the Serial Killer Article

Most serial killers tend to have similar traits of being generous, warm hearted, and friendly. Same went for John Wayne Gacy, Jr. a man who was well known in his community, a business man and a hard working one, a clown on the weekend for local hospitals he was also known as “Pogo The Clown”. No one would know of his dark side; his other side till a disappearance of a young boy would link Gacy and would be reviled to police that they were one to many missing boys late.

An article by Rachael Bell and Marilyn Bardsley on John Wayne Gacy Jr. state that he was born on March 17, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois. He was son of John Wayne Gacy, Sr. and Marion Elaine Robinson Gacy. John Gacy Jr. was brother of Joanne and Karen Gacy which made him the middle child. Growing up in a middle class neighborhood Gacy Jr. was expected to work, John Gacy Jr. Took a sequence of part time jobs after school which involved working as a, bag boy at a supermarket, a stock clerk, and had extra curricular activities for instance Boy Scouts.

Gacy would have a very normal childhood with the exception of his father’s relationship with Gacy and various accidents which led him to blackout often. With his blackout condition Gacy went to the hospital frequently and at the age of seventeen he was diagnosed with a non- specific heart ailment, he was admitted to the hospital several times through out his life and would complained of his heart particularly when he was arrested (Bell& Bardsley, 2010).

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