The Psychological Theories and Aspects That Makes an Individual a Serial Killer

Serial killers are formed in staged of an individual’s life. Before an individual is even considering being the cause of another’s death, they tend to separate themselves from the people around them and even the world. These killers tend to sneak off to a world which is controlled by them, in other words, a fantasy. In order to not experience any pain or the feeling for being an underachiever, an individual makes up a world which they decide what course of action(s) will be occurring.

Sooner or later, an individual no longer has control over their fantasy and it slowly turns into reality. A serial killer can have fantasies about killing and hurting individuals several times which eventually turn into reality without the person having the knowledge of doing so. After this occurs, comes the stage of obsession. It becomes a part of their life where they need to hurt or kill someone just as an individual needs water to satisfy their thirst.

Eventually, with all doing wrong comes the consequences. Serial killers reach a point in their lives where they might commit a crime just to get caught and have the satisfaction of being punished for their wrongs. They begin to hate themselves and are not able to bear with the emotions. It is as if there is load taken off your back.

Psychological theories take a huge role when it comes to the topic of a serial killer. Individuals can experience an undelightful childhood which leads to their future killer.

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A person can also be taking part of friendships with peers who are deviant and have negative effects on them which takes after the term psychodynamic. This also consists of a motivation to commit the crime such as murder. Another aspect which takes place is the behavioral trait. This is consisted of the reward or feeling after committing the crime. In the instance of a serial killer, it can be satisfying and make them feel better. Additional to these theories comes cognitive trait theory which is made up of why the person does the crime. In this case, it covered the characteristic of why a person kills another living being. When looking at this theory, people can see the change as individuals grow and mature up. People start to commit less crime once they have gained more responsibilities, family, and a job. Theorists explain that serial killers suffer from psychosis which is when an individual loses their identity and begin to experience hallucinations and make the wrong decisions.

Psychological theorists make the statement which explains the reasoning being the actions taken by an individual is caused by emotion. A person experiences a rush of feeling when taking part in a crime such as murder which they don’t realize till after the deed is done and have no control over. One of the most famous theorist when it comes to phycology is Sigmund Fraud. The structure of his mind was made up of a theory which took the name of “the conscious and the unconscious mind’. By this he explains it in a way where individuals are aware of the action they are taking place in but a part of them doesn’t plan to do so. For example, when speaking to your boyfriend you are in a conscious mind but when you mistakenly call him by your ex-boyfriend’s name, you take place in an unconscious mind. Jean Piaget was another phycologist who was famous for his theory of cognitive development which was the development of a child based on the childhood they experienced. The last theorist which was very well known was Erik Erikson who was known for his theories of identity crisis. Instead of just considering individual’s childhood, he expanded by looking into how social impacts took part in their lives.

When it comes to the role of law, we make sure not to break any of them for several reasons. People who do break the law can lose their family, job, as well as any future they had planned. Crime is an act which goes against the criminal law which ends in consequences such as jail time as well as fines. The role of law is to make sure people are safe by setting rules and regulations. Those who break these will be punished and taken out of the society to make it safe. If a person kills an individual, they will be punished by the law, which includes a lot of jail time and money towards their trials. When it comes to killing an individual, it is against the law and can be sentenced to life for committing such a felony. In the view of a criminal, he/she is aware of the actions which they are taken but believe that the law isn’t broken unless they get caught. On the other hand, criminologists view crime as values, beliefs and opinions which are made up by society.

When people do commit murders, there is a huge chance they will be caught and punished. Most killers eventually want to list a load off their backs and get caught to feel peace for all the people they have killed. Most serial killers are either spend the rest of their lives in prison or are executed if a death penalty exists. Murder is not taken easy where ever an individual commits it. When it comes to the overall picture of a serial killer, there is no cure. Some individuals who do commit the crime of murder are sent to treatment centers such as a psychiatric hospital. There is no escape for killing someone. Either the law will catch and punish an individual or their mind will explode and won’t be able to handle anymore with all the stress and guilt.

There are not many ways to end the chain of serial killers. They can be formed because of an experience earlier in life but as well as out of nowhere. The little things which do affect the formation of a killer is being alone which leads to a fantasy world which soon becomes reality. To make sure people take full action to not create a serial killer, they can take time out of their day to make sure the people around them are happy and not alone. Laws can also be made to put a foot down when it comes to any sort of action related to assault and the treat of a life. Any person who is caught of any murder should face life in prison as punishment as well as anyone who looks suspicious of anything related to murder should go thought a polygraph session and interrogated.

There are many aspects when looking at the overall picture of being a serial killer. Many stages are taken place when it comes to the process of a killer. Individuals need to report how they feel to others and let someone help if they feel anyway different and believe they need support. Phycological effects take a huge place when in light of the production of a serial killer. The law needs to focus more on the stages of becoming a serial killer and come up with ways to make sure it doesn’t occur again.

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