Jeffrey Dahmer American Serial Killer

The following sample essay is about Jeffrey Dahmer, an American serial killer who killed 17 young men and women. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

Most crimes that are committed during the normal daily activities of people’s lives is indicative of the Routine Activities Theory that gives Insight onto how Jeffrey Dammed was so successful In luring, raping, and murdering unsuspecting men from the local gay nightclubs in Milwaukee. Jeffrey Dammed had willingness and the ability to commit such heinous predatory crimes.

He was motivated by a strong sexual desire for sexual gratification that deviated from the norm, evident by his method of killings and the amount of times these acts occurred.

Dammed never used aggression in the omission of his crimes but rather a method of attack that would con his victims into lowering their guard making them mall targets for him. Damper’s primary targets were drifters, locals, and prostitutes often exchanging alcohol and money for sexual favors.

This can be the sole reason why so many men became Damper’s victim because he targeted individuals who would voluntarily leave with him. As stated in the biography Damper’s hot-spot for possible targets revolved around the gay-night clubs depicted in the film catered to Damper’s sexual preferences.

Typically in the eight-club scenario possible targets for violence are typically females making males not likely to be subjective to violence and as an onlooker In a club setting It Is difficult to differentiate the victim from the assailant in a gay male couple.

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Damper’s character towards his victims was very routine and cunning making his victims typically prostitutes and locals susceptible to his method of persuasion. His targets were individuals who were easily persuaded by money and their non-awareness towards a possible harmful target made them even more likely to become one of his any victims.

It Is reasonable to Infer that an Individual could have decreased their chances of factorization If they were more self- conscious and aware of the situation they were putting themselves into and not so trustworthy of a complete stranger. Jeffrey Dammed did not receive any monetary or emotional gain from his murders but rather a psychological gratification from the deviant acts of raping and murdering his victims while placing them in the submissive state his sexual urges craved for. Dammed lived a hedonistic lifestyle feeding Into his sexual urges despite the potential uniqueness for his actions as portrayed In the biography.

Jeffrey Dahmer Research Paper

Jeffrey Dammed did not Include the thought of government authoresses or the possibility of disappointing his family in his motive but rather focused on the comfort he found gaining power and control over his victims typical of most serial killers. The biography portrays the fact that after the murder of Steve Tommie, Dammed made the choice to completely give into his urges and pursue his deviant sexual pleasures of raping, murdering, and dismembering his victims. As Damper’s sexual urges grew so did his appetite to kill and this was the driving factor that fueled his murders.

Damper’s ultimate goal was to have a completely submissive victim that would never leave him but naturally his human victims were prone to decay. It is reasonable to infer that his sadistic conquest for the perfect submissive victim lead him to new experiments like injecting acid into his victims brain along with differing forms of necrophilia and cannibalism. Damper’s Intense sexual urges along with his inability to satisfy them led him awards the choice of hedonism which Is what drove him to continually commit these plant sexual acts. ) A criminologist Trot ten Classical cocoons would Touch on ten decisions Dammed made before his murders and whether he utilized his decision- making skills and if his murders were of his free-will. While a criminologist from the Positive school would believe that his acts of violence were not that of free-will but that it originated from a physiological predisposition internally that caused him to engage in these criminal acts. However, both schools can agree that Damper’s bad rental upbringing was flawed evident by their numerous arguments throughout their marriage leading up to their divorce.

Jeffrey Dammed is quoted in an interview stating “l decided I wasn’t going to get married because I never wanted to go through anything like that. “Clearly Damper’s parents inadvertently affected their sons’ behavior possibly contributing to his murders. I believe the Classical School of thought explains Damper’s behavior more in-depth because it states that an offender will choose to commit crimes based on hedonistic decisions maximizing their leisure and minimizing their pain.

Clearly stated in the film Jeffrey Dammed admits that his sexual urges completely dominated his life and as his sexual appetite evolved, it became detrimental to his lifestyle because of his inability to satisfy his urges. Also Jeffrey Damper’s prosecutor Michael McCann states in the film that he realized the consequences of his actions and knew the difference of right from wrong in turn giving evidence that Dammed willingly made the rational decision to engage in the commission of these criminal acts. ) The argument of nature vs.. Return is a hotly debated topic and in the case of Jeffrey Dammed there is no clear distinction whether his criminal acts stemmed from either the Nature theory of a genetic predisposition that altered his behavior or the Nurture theory that he behaves a certain way in accordance to his upbringing. It is not definite what triggered Damper’s motivations to kill but it can be inferred that a genetic defect of some sort could have caused his introverted behavior along with his intense fascination of road kill as a child.

As stated in the film Jeffrey Damper’s mother was hospitalized and treated for anxiety but prior to this diagnosis Joyce relied on many medications prior to Jeffrey birth because it was reported she had a very difficult pregnancy with Jeffrey. Difficult pregnancies have been correlated with difficulty bonding between a mother and newborn. It can be reasonable to infer that the medications she was prescribed and the difficult pregnancy she underwent could have inadvertently caused a genetic predisposition in his behavior.

However, Jeffrey Dammed like many aerial killers in most cases shows detectable characteristics of murderers before puberty. Damper’s intense fascination with dead animals was a clear sign but was misinterpreted by his parents who also contributed to his behavior by openly arguing and quarreling in front of him on numerous occasions. Damper’s parents marital arguments scarred and inadvertently contributed to his introverted behavior, as stated in the film that he would retreat to the woods during his parent’s confrontations.

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