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Crime to psychopathic serial killers like to be read. When they are done well, the plot can strain the nerves equal on four levels – even by cruel murder descriptions, then through the cliffs of investigative work, and thirdly, to fears of potential victims, and finally by the time race between the perpetrator and his pursuers. The American lawyer and author Jilliane Hoffman mastered their craft experienced and solid, so her latest thriller maintains good, but not to shine with innovative sensations or stylistic mastery.

Already in the prologue she presents her protagonist and his title-giving suffer from. Insomnia, a particularly severe expression psychosomatic-related sleep disorders, makes his life since puberty to hell. No specialist, no drug, no illegal drug can give him good night’s sleep donate or ease his permanent tension headaches that even eating and thinking be torture to leave. An organic cause was never diagnosed – “everything was NORMAL.”

However, he himself knows that he is “not uniquely NORMAL” is.

As a boy he had “ugly thoughts,” delighted in films in which “people are hacked with machetes.” When he the “Psycho aunt” who should treat him at the urging of parents, reveals his dark inner life, he enjoys how difficult it is for her to maintain her composure. He has it in his hand. Over time, the evil thoughts mature into a fact: He kills the therapist cruelly. The carnage – a key experience – seems to alleviate his illness finally, because “after that he slept like a baby and had long time no more headaches”

If we find on the following pages that a few years later.

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a phantom to mischief and between fourteen already nine young women and nineteen years, brutally murdered, the author suggests with the mallet that behind the so-called “hammer man” is none other than the protagonist from the prologue hide. But then she shifts the narrative focus once to another person.

Seventeen year old Mallory Knight has disappeared after a party with friends. So her mother worried are in their missing person, are so relaxed the police. You know the drill, which descend teenager after a stupidity for a few days. be found only when a few items from Mallory’s possession in the woods, the mills of police investigative work grind committed, and the special unit “Crimes Against Children Squad” is turned on. Their fähigster Special Agent Bobby Dees (known from “girl catcher” Jilliane Hoffman: “Mädchenfänger” at

First, seems to confirm the obvious suspicion that Mallory victims of the” Hammer’s “was – to have been abducted in a truck stop and claims by a man with “ski cap on his head”, tied up, beaten with a knife and raped a field day for the press. But then emerged the girl, prepared pathetic until it finally Bobby Dees escaped. the story of the teenager certainly can not quite convince. it covers contradictions therein, researched critically and eventually comes behind Mallory’s secrets. Thus, the media-hyped story of the poor victim who was able to free himself heroically to a boomerang that hits the whole family. They sell their house, move to another area, and the daughter takes a new identity t.

But four years later experienced Callie Monahan as Mallory’s called now, a nasty surprise. Someone drives a infamous game with her. Perhaps the “hammer man”? The fact is still not identified, but free and hardworking. At least eighteen girls he has since killed without police the angry public can provide the slightest evidence. Should Callie / Mallory be his next victim? However, it is difficult to find for that spanned young law student, hearing and help, because she has a credibility problem …

After promising early performance of the psychopath can Jilliane Hoffman wriggle their readers until the perpetrator strikes. Well, that, in order to captivate us in the meantime, has devised with the young Mallory an interesting personality and convincingly characterized. A white lie changed her life profoundly, without still a chance for her to take it again in your hand.

Sophie Zeitz and Stefanie Kremer have “The girl who cried monster” translated from American English, but I have not been able to find on the Internet any link to the original editions. The works in the American Werksverzeichnis American Wikipedia article about Jilliane Hoffman””

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