The White Grave Of Lotte And Soren Hammer Review

Big presence in Greenland: The lady with the “PhD in quantum chemistry,” the Danish Minister of the Environment and their common Entourage look at each other as the ice melts. In this place where global warming for all is visible, documented an imposing entourage of journalists every step of prominent politicians. “This scenery here nobody forgets so quickly,” said the German head of government and fiddles with her bright red anorak.

Unlike exciting the return flight designed by helicopter. At low altitude over the inland ice explains a glaciologist the Chancellor what climate change wreaks there when they discover a corpse in the thawing ice.

During the pilot pauses, by adding to the coordinates, the other helicopter is redirected rapidly with the media pack. In vain – the Fund does not go unnoticed, the media roll over

Senior Chief Inspector Konrad Simonsen and his squad take over the investigation in the case of international acclaim, stronger than the melting polar ice caps.

. Unfortunately Simonsen is not in a good mood; his diabetes is getting to him, and he really wanted to unwind now on a Caribbean cruise. But duty calls from the ice.

The glacier corpse was Maryann Nygaard and must have been murdered in September 1983. At that time, the woman worked as a nurse in one of the five giant radar stations that operated the Americans during the Cold War. The men of the “Eyes of Freedom” had a lot of free time and like to beat the boredom with plenty of alcohol and parties dead, until they were relieved at last after months.

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Did any of the Americans Maryann killed in a frenzy? Or is it perhaps even secret political arrangements to track down, of which we are told, and was liquidated for it? That would would prefer a hot story that wide circles. The search would go far back into the past and reach up to the highest circles, the Danish David would resistances of the proud world power Goliaths overcome … do but they do not. The immensely charming atom political storyline was just for show and unfortunately runs into space.

Instead, bring the dusty archives light in the tricky case of glaciers woman. In 1997, the murder of Catherine Thomsen was shelved after Konrad Simonsen arrested the alleged perpetrator and who had hanged himself in his cell. Not only look and physique of the two dead women are similar; there are plenty of other matches. At the most striking are the details of the killing ritual. Restraining the hands and feet, dealing with the clothes, the killing and burial

Now have two very similar murders at a distance of fourteen not committed by the same offender have been, but as expected, followed by other crimes, and as all know: A serial killer is about. This is especially painful for Konrad Simonsen, because he has to admit now that it is a fatal mistake was undermined ten years before that: Someone had cleverly manipulated his evidence.

A psychologist will be integrated into the team to the. to develop motives and behavior of the offender. But this man really wants to fit into any common psychopaths Category: “thrill, lust, gain, killers hedonist, power seekers” … What could it have traumatized? How can you convict him of his actions? The investigations are in full swing, especially when the ambitious young colleague Pauline Berg brings a non-agreed Extratour in critical condition.

After the evil of both the police is well known and the reader, the author siblings could it ja really quickly fix (leave). but they do not. This raises the hope page after page, she brought regardless of a surprise coup that pulls us the socks. but they do not. Instead, they tell us again and again of official meetings that on top of that like to circle around the sensitivities of the investigators (by his own admission “a bad collection of miserable figures”).

At narrative and design competence potential lack the authors Lotte and Søren hammer not. Her second album “Alting har sin pris” (2010), the Günther Frauenlobstraße has translated, provides enough approaches for an exciting, plausible, good detective story. But they give away opportunities and bogged down with ultimately useless filler so that the thoughts of the bored reader in his everyday world digress, but he really wanted to forget for a while.

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