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“Look like the guiltless flower but be the snake under it” “let non light see my deep and dark desires” “to alter favor of all time is to fear” “The service and the trueness I owe” “Point against point. rebellious arm ‘gainst arm” 1. How are they corrupted by the immorality in them? After making the highest degree success Macbeth still desires more and is willing to fall to any degree to accomplish it. When the evil nowadayss Macbeth with the chance.

he puts all his trust in it subsequently to happen out immorality has played a dual game. 2. Is Lady Macbeth wholly evil?

Lady Macbeth is non evil she is merely seeking to assist her hubby in his aspiration. she takes support of immorality to carry through her aspiration when she pushes Macbeth to kill Duncan and challenges his manhood that she forgets her ethical motives because she is excessively lost in her aspiration. 3. Find illustrations in the drama in which characters try to conceal the truth from around them? Macbeth hallucinates about Banquo’s shade who symbolises Macbeth’s goodness but to conceal his guilty witting he becomes barbarous towards others.

Banquo hides the prognostication from the remainder of the land because he doesn’t believe them to be true. but still uncertainties Macbeth for Duncan’s slaying.

4. Why do they make it? Macbeth hid his 3 prognostications from others because he didn’t know whether it would be true or non and because one time he heard that Malcolm will inherit his father’s throne.

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He and Lady Macbeth planned to kill the male monarch hence. if people knew about his prognostications they would hold fishy him in an instant the King is dead. 5. What does this state us about the universe around them? The universe is really little and they would travel to any bounds to protect themselves and accomplish their ends. 6. Macbeth and Banquo’s reactions to the witches’ prognostications are really different.

In what ways? Macbeth doesn’t believe at foremost but when he is promoted he starts to believe and uses the prognostications as usher towards his aspiration whereas Banquo ne’er believed in the witched and ever thought they were evil. 7. What are the different effects of their attitudes? Macbeth believed in immorality and allow it steer him into an blink of an eye of success which finally leads him to his ain devastation. decease. Banquo doesn’t believe in immorality and allow good steer his manner. but is murdered by Macbeth because he was so good that Macbeth got scared for his safety. 8.

Would you see Macbeth’s aspiration to be flaw in his character? Macbeth aspiration is excessively great for him to manage. and he put all of his trust on those prognostications which lead to his ruin. Those prognostications can be seen as hallucination and alternatively of swearing his milieus. his friends. 9. What about Lady Macbeth’s aspiration? Is she ambitious for herself or her hubby? Lady Macbeth’s aspiration merely started when she got the missive from Macbeth and she wanted to assist her hubby make the prognostications come true. The lone thing that’s in the manner to do the prognostication came true is Malcolm.

10. What has the drama got to state us about selfish. unbridled aspiration? The drama tells the audience that being selfish will expose and semblance success would vanish if the individual stops to experience human emotions. 11. Why does Banquo’s shade merely appear to Macbeth during the feast? Banquo’s ghost merely appeared to Macbeth during the feast is because it was Macbeth’s scruples and guilt that take form to organize Banquo’s shade. No 1 else in the feast knew that it was Macbeth who plotted his friend’s decease. 12. What does this state us about Macbeth’s scruples?

It tells us that Macbeth is guilty of the offenses he had committed. and shortly realises that one time his left entirely no 1 he could swear. like Banquo. 13. Find illustrations in the drama to notice on this subject When Duncan is King of Scotland. it seems that the topographic point is peaceable and everyone can swear each other. Whereas when Macbeth is King there are pandemonium everyplace and people couldn’t trust each other because they afraid that the other individual might be Macbeth’s undercover agents and their lives would be in danger if they said anything against Macbeth. 14.

See Banquo’s sense of honor Banquo might every bit good be a small responsible for Duncan decease because he hide the prognostications from the land though he ever remained loyal to his functioning male monarch. 15. Why is Malcolm so leery of an honorable character like Macduff? Malcolm was so leery of Macduff because the former Thane of Cawdor was an honorable adult male and yet he betrayed Duncan. Malcolm wanted to do certain that when he would be surrounded by trustworthy and loyal Thanes and non the 1s that would be power hungry like Macbeth. 16.

Review and list once more the qualities Shakespeare thinks are needed by a male monarch to regulate a state Honesty Kind Fair Loyalty Generosity Courage 17. List the things that are non what they seem to be. and people whose world is different from their visual aspect •Duncan visits Macbeth’s palace and was amazed at the position of the palace but didn’t know that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth plotted to kill him. •The old Thane of Cawdor seems like he’s really baronial but he ended up being a treasonist. A sticker – A A wood – B False promises – A A shade – A Two guilty grooms – A A wicked prince- A A ‘foul and fair’ twenty-four hours – B.

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