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I saw your article regarding Qeensland being the most recent Australian state to allow abortion and I want to talk about why I believe that is wrong. I read in the article that it used to be considered an offense for the past century if you were to abort a baby and it lead to potential prison time as a punishment and I believe and want to show you why it should still be that way. Abortion is 100% without a doubt taking a human life and I think we can all agree on that.

No matter when you believe the baby becomes a human, that it’s still a human life. Even if you think it’s not a life at the moment of time it would still turn into a human if you gave it time. With that being the case, I personally believe that murder is wrong and I think almost everyone if not everyone would agree with me on the statement that murder is wrong, no matter what religion you are or what you believe.

Murder is murder no matter how old a person is or what race they are or anything. Murder is murder. What difference does it make that the baby has just been conceived? A human life is a human life no matter the age. That’s the part that doesn’t mane any sense to me is how people really see no problem in abortion. From a non religious point of view I think everyone would still agree if you take the life of a human you are guilty of committing murder.

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Abortion is literally killing a human life for whatever reason they choose just because they don’t want it. Now you may be thinking that of course I have this opinion because I am a Christian but I want to show you why it’s wrong by using facts instead of just typical things a “Christian” would say. I will be using some Bible for sure but I want a lot of it to be just straight up facts. What really kind of blows my mind is when they have abortions when the baby has actually developed.

People want to argue that the baby isn’t a human yet early on and that’s a different story but 100% without a doubt if you’re doing it later on in the pregnancy you’re taking the life of a human blatantly no doubts whatsoever. After the baby has been conceived for 18 weeks it can feel pain. According to the laws of the nation it is illegal to just inflict pain on a person. There are very few cases where it would be okay to inflict actual pain on someone. I’m not talking about minor pain like slapping someone’s hand or something I’m speaking of legitimate pain. In some cases of abortion they are inflicting pain on another human life which is therefore wrong. It will never make sense in my mind how people are okay with taking the life of a human being and seeing nothing wrong with it. As we know it is a law that murder is illegal. Non religious people still have to go by the law those laws no matter what you believe or you will end up in prison.

Now I say that not to try to separate religious people from non religious people because in all reality we’re all humans but as a Christian there are other laws from the Bible that you are supposed to follow, and for someone who doesn’t believe in the Bible then it’s not necessarily their responsibility to follow those laws. Now some people don’t believe in the Bible and that’s a whole different argument and debate right there but in the Bible in Exodus chapter 20 verse 13 it’s says “You must not murder”. Now the Bible does not beat around the bush at all right there it’s straight to the point so everyone can understand it. With that being said if the Bible says not to kill and the Bible is the ultimate truth then it is a fact. You should not kill. Abortion is killing and the ultimate truth that has never 1 time been proven wrong says that killing is wrong then there is absolutely no way around it abortion is wrong. What a lot of females want to say in this situation is that “It is my body and I can do what I want”.

True you can do what you want with your body but when a human baby is inside you it’s therefore another life that is not yours. You can not make decisions for another human life. The second that baby is conceived it has its own life and at that point you are making the ultimate decision for a human in taking his life. They are still their own person regardless of the age. The unites states government has declared unborn babies as humans, just an unborn version. If it is agreed on by everyone that they are humans then how could abortion possibly be legal. Back to a little bit of Bible, in Deuteronomy chapter 24 verse 16 it says, “ Parents are not to be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their parents; each will die for their own sin.” A parent choosing to lay around with another person is their own sin and as you saw in this verse a child should not be punished or put to death for their parents sin.

Therefore it is going against the Bible and as we know it is therefore wrong. There are certain cases where people have a more valid reason for abortion other than just sheerly not wanting the child. The argument that always gets brought up is rape. After doing research, only .5% of all abortions are from victims of rape. So out of all 887,000 abortions that took place in the year 2016 only .5% was because of rape. Less then 3% of all abortions are for reasons that would either effect the child itself or the mother. That means around 98% of all abortions it’s either for financial issues or because the mother simply didn’t want the child. That stat absolutely blows my mind. If the baby being born would take the life of the mother and you choose to abort then at that point you’re not just murdering it for no reason. You’re protecting a life.

There has been stories of women who were tone if they had the baby then her and the baby would both lose their lives and they both lived. It can happen. Not saying it will every time those are absolute miracles but it can happen. If the baby is life threatening and you decide to abort then that’s between you and God and you will be the one to account for that. Another interesting stat I read is that 86% of all abortions are from unmarried women. If you are a christian then you would believe that def before marriage is wrong and honestly there are non christians who think it’s wrong so if 86% of women were to do what they were supposed to then this problem wouldn’t even happen. My bottom line here is if you are to do the things you are called to do then these things would never happen.

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