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THE UNITED NATIONS & The League of Nations Introduction: The United Nations is an international organization of independent states to promote international peace and security. Its stated aims are furthering cooperation in many international things using many different departments. On the other hand the league of Nations was an inter governmental organization in 1920.

It was a cause from the Treaty of Versailles. Its main aims were the rights of man, women different colored, soldiers and avoiding war, all through using diplomacy.

In the following paper I will compare these two Global organizations. Backgrounds: ?The United Nation The UN is an international organization founded in 1945. It was established after the Second World War to replace the league of nations. Its main purpose was for peace and security. The term United nation was brought from Franklin D.

Roosevelt to describe the aliied countries. This term had actually taken place on January 1st 1942 when 26 government signed the Atlantic charter. Then on April, 25th 1945 50 countries had committed together and tried to develop better ways of iving safely through human rights and by also developing friendly relationships throughout different nations. And through this they had, signed the Charter which is the treaty that formed the united nations. It was first signed by 50 countries later on 51 on June 26th, 1945. in San Francisco . And because of this charter the UN has many rights to take actions in many different concerns world wide.

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?The league of nations: The league of nations was formed after the end of World War I. Its main purpose was to simply ensure that there would be no more war.

League Of Nations Vs United Nations

After the turbulence of the Treaty of Versailles many awaited for the league of nations to bring stability to this world. ( Versailles treaty was the peace settlement signed in 1918 after World War I in the shadow of the Russian revolution. ) America on the other hand entered the war in 1917, the entire country (in particular president Woodrow Wilson) were scared by the slaughter that had taken place. And thought of that the only way that this crucial issue doesn’t happen again was to great an international organization that brings peace among all of the worlds nations.

Therefore that would be the task of the League of Nations. This great organization had 58 members. The league had deficiency in its own armed force. It was greatly depend on the Great Powers to necessitate its resolutions, arrange an army, keeping of economic endorsement, all this for their use. Endorsements could also hurt the League members, so they were unwilling to adhere to them. “The League is very well when sparrows shout, but no good at all when eagles fall out. ” Goals: ?The United Nation: ?“Time is short. We must seize this historic moment to act responsibly and decisively for the common good. The United Nations main purpose is to bring all nations of this world to work together for peace and development. And this purpose is done trough justice, human dignity and the rights of all people. This organization allows opportunities for nations to balance global connections and national interest. Currently there are 192 member in the United Nations. All this members meet in the General Assembly which is basically the World Parliament. Every country in this organization is treated egually it doesn’t matter how big or small, rich or poor. Therefore every country has one single vote.

The UN’s headquarters is in New York city. But everywere the building of the United nation is international territory. It even has its own flag, post office (postage stamps). There are six official languages used in this organization(Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish). The European headquarters in Palais des nations in Geneva, Switzerland. The United Nations also has offices in Austira, Jordan, Thailand, Chile and Economic Commissions in Addis Ababa In Ethiopia. ?The League of Nation: The League of Nations goal was to maintain peace and to not go to war.

It also included disarmament and to prevents all wars through having collective security. Their main criterion of solving world issues and fulfilling their purpose was through diplomacy. Because United States of America did not want to join and Germany was not allowed because of a punishment (Versailles Treaty) and Russia wasn’t even seen because it is a communist state and the only two countries left were Britain and France as leaders and they had gone under financial issues, therefore the League of Nations had failed. The Impact and affect: ?The United Nations:

The United Nations organization has showed great contributions in peace keeping and peace building. But the question is whether the effects of the UN peace operations’ are they lasting? As the organization itself can’t fight wars. Countires must have policies that help economic growth and also have instistutions. The United Nation lacks self-sustaing economic growth that could help in sustain a form of peace. This world can advantage from a change that involves the using of economic reforms to fill in the gaps between peace and humanitarian assistance. ?The League of Nations:

As I have mentioned before throughout this research the League of Nations intention was to bring peace among all nations. And to try to stop any upcoming of any wars. And due to lack of many countries not joining the League of Nations had failed. But the greatest effects were made to the United Nation. As the United Nation is basically the modernized version of this old organization and it has taken many ideas from the League of Nations. Weaknesses: ?The United Nations: The United Nations is a great an powerful organization. Although it brings all of pros to this world, there are still a few negative points.

One of the main points is non-proliferation which is basically that the member states are not strengthening the UN non-pro mechanisms. Another weakness would be the combating Terrorism which is their mechanism that they use are quiet weak, Kofi Annan (president of the United Nation) has starts a couple of ways to help strengthen them. Human rights mechanism have been held tightly by right violators and that could also be classified as a great issue. The last issue/weakness would be public relations. They need to strengthen their relationship with others which is always a weak spot for organizations. The League of Nations: Alrhough rhe League of Nations was a great organization with many great intentions, it had still failed due to many reasons. Some of those reasons/weakness is that the league had Military forces, no army . So if any country had caused aproblem there was nothing this organization could do. One of main powers for the league was set up by the Treaty of Versailles. Later on many people criticized the treaty and went against it and that cause great weakness. Another majorwas that most of the powerful countries didn’t’ join, due to many reasons.

And one of the biggest weaknesses was that the organization was a chaos as all the different parts never acted as one. So therefore the league overall didn’t not work out. Overall these two global organizations are extremely in different as stated the United Nation was a great outcome of the previous League of Nations and it was definitely of greater effects. Today the United Nations is one of the most adequate organizations worldwide, nevertheless the League of Nations will never be forgotten as the first attempt of such an international ‘assembly’.

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