Thriller "The son" by Jo Nesbø

Sonny Lofthus takes away the sins of the world on his shoulders. Son of God, he is not, of course, but he idolized his father. From Lofthus was leading police commissioner in Oslo, and always a role model for his good boy. The intelligent star pupil would naturally occur later in his footsteps.

Then from Lofthus killed himself and his suicide note left Sonny’s worldview crumble. From confessed the fact that he was corrupt and was working as a mole for drug and human traffickers.

This raises the eight year old forever off track: truancy, juvenile petty crime, drugs, burglaries, juvenile detention. At eighteen he pleads guilty to two brutal murders; committed did not he, but with the debt confessions he secures its supply of heroin.

In the high-security institution Staten, an ultra-modern flagship prison, Sonny developed its new life as a charismatic confessor. Gently smiling like a Buddha he receives in his cell inmates who want to ease their conscience, listens motionless their frank confessions and secures them with forgiveness blessing hands on.

The trusting revelations reveal Sonny, what’s going on in Oslo’s underworld who’s pulling the strings, which police officers are on the payroll of the mafia.

drug dealer John Halden, for four years in Staten, who wants before he soon the lung cancer succumbs, his soul to do something good. Many years ago he promised to keep a secret, and carried it since then faithfully in his heart, but now it’s time to relieve yourself.

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In Sonny’s dark cell he confesses monstrous: John was from Lofthus’ covert employees. Sonny’s father was not corrupt, but a traitor in their ranks on the track. Just before he could blow up this man, he took John a vow of silence. But then the perpetrators attacked the Commissioner to ask him cold. To the police murder as suicide to camouflage, they forced him – against the commitment to leave his family alone – to write the devastating farewell letter to his wife and son. What has always placed Sonny’s father to the load. so was lying. Sonny’s life now appears in a completely different light, and Sonny, now thirty years old is changing again.

He will not accept any foreign debt more in coming. During his recent officially licensed day release a woman had been brutally murdered; had already been leaked to him details of the fact, that he should take another false confession. So it’s over now, and he needs more drugs. Because Sonny now recognizes a new calling, and she pulls him like a magnet. For this he must go out into the wild. He checked the security system of Staten to possible loopholes, toughens his body endures the harsh withdrawal and waiting for his chance.

In fact, succeed Sonny the impossible escape. By Per Vollan, the pedophile prison chaplain, he knows a safe haven in Oslo; in Martha’s hospice for homeless heroin addicts, the police have no access. Although Martha realizes that the newcomer does not really belong to their usual target audience, “Stig Berger” must – Sonny’s new identity. No family members, no infectious diseases, no future plans – one room relate to her.

Now begins Sonny, as merciless avenging angel anyone who is responsible for his suffering in prison, to direct his new mission. The murderers whose crimes he has taken upon himself, he brings a cold by one to. His determination can be completed only when he tracked down the real mole in the ranks of the police and the killer brought his father to the track. However, he’s not just about revenge, but about a campaign for justice. As a good son of man he is extremely friendly to his fellow citizens, protects the innocent, help the weak. He distributed the booty from raids to the needy and wants to Martha and her hospice leave a generous donation.

Of course, Sonny’s opponent does not look his activities to stand by. Masterminds and minions of organized crime have to fear for their lives and chasing Sonny while following him an unlikely police investigators pair of crime scene to crime scene. The young Kari needle is new to the team, ambitious and unencumbered, Commissioner Simon Cephas a veteran nearing retirement. He was not only from Lofthus’ companion, but also his best friend.

Before the power to Sonny finally tightens, the veteran author runs a few twists that are not unpredictable, however, if one thinks well , After a breathtaking showdown that no questions more leaves, a sentimental love story close to the edge of kitsch and a cliffhanger for any subsequent volumes ends of the new Nesbø thriller.

has been with ten volumes about the Headhunter Harry Hole Jo Nesbø famous and created a distinctive character. Now author and reader needed probably a turning point. The plot of disappointed good son who does evil to cause good, revenge takes to establish justice, is not a bad concept. The moral background of good and evil, crime and punishment, law and justice but rather dealt with poorly and striking. More than genre-relevant keywords in black and white, there is not.

The same applies to the numerous and significant religious set pieces. Names like John, Martha, Simon, Pontius and others have roles to, and if “down” should point to Abraham, the question arises whether father Lofthus was probably willing to sacrifice his son Sonny … For terms and motifs topics the author served from the Old and new Testament as from the supermarket shelf. Sonny redeemed (allegedly) not only from sin, but can weglächeln aggressiveness, endures gentle as him turn on three young people in the tram stops at a fight to the enemy, the “uninjured cheek” way. The fact that religious elements deprived of their salary and used for the purpose Bestsellers production to exaggerate a felon, fortunately, is permissible for us; questionable, if not distasteful it may find some nonetheless. More than a superficial gimmick, it is certainly not here.

Do not measure too, the reality is such a product. Can someone so radical about-turns make his nature as Sonny? Can highly complex societies such as Northern Europe so close by criminal structures penetrated and controlled, as suggested here? No matter -. The reader of such popular fiction wants to deliver hard-hitting first voltage and the white Professional Jo Nesbø.

His latest thriller “The Son” ( “Sun”, translated by Günther Frauenlobstraße) can be due to simple linguistic style and clear structure jiffy consume. Despite stately extent can the plot even after several days of reading breaks easily resume, because of Sonny’s side of the reader is the investigators always one step ahead, and at the scene of the investigation results are summarized neatly. No doubt the book exerts a pull out, because you eventually want mitraten and learn who the traitor of that time; but so real lasting thrill will not arise. Not afraid of nightmares!

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