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Investigative Essays

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Investigative Essay

Warren T. Williams Professor Michael Briere FAS-201 Introduction to Humanities I 4 December 2013 Investigative Essay This investigative essay is a draft copy of the two selection of visual arts from the Classical and the Renaissance period. The two art works are: (1) the Cathedral of Reims an architectural work and (2) The Sculpture of…

Analytical Paper On Technology

Technology Name: Course: Instructor: Institution: Date: Technology The New York Times chose to deploy their innovative support group as a shared service. This means that the costs for supporting the group and acquiring these services will be shared among the companies. The R&D vice president expresses that the group’s role is to be able to…

Should practical investigation have a place in the Primary Science Curriculum?

“We use practical work in science classes when students are unlikely to have observed the phenomenon we are interested in – or to have observed it in sufficient detail – in their everyday lives. In such situations, it is essential and irreplaceable.” (Millar, 2004, p. 9). “The centrality of the laboratory to the teaching of…

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Media Online Class Terms

media kinds of technology people use to communicate information; plural form of medium media literacy worldwide educational movement that aims to teach people to understand how media affects both individuals and society as a whole popular culture media that people use in everyday lives primarily for entertainment and pleasure opposed to more serious uses; generally…


Taoism Taoism (or Daoism) is a philosophical, ethical, political and religious tradition of Chinese origin that emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao (also romanized as Dao). The term Tao means “way”, “path” or “principle”, and can also be found in Chinese philosophies and religions other than Taoism. In Taoism, however, Tao denotes something that…

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice The eighth chapter The eighth chapter of multicultural issues in criminal justice by Marsha Tarver delves into how crime is measured and in particular, the official reports present in government plus other reports. The official reports can only be obtained from police agencies and the records from the federal bureau of investigations. The…

American Literature: Witch trials (The Crucible)

Who is the author of the Crucible? Arthur Miller What are the main topics or ideas in the Crucible? Puritanism + Witchcraft + McCarthyism + Arthur Miller What is Puritanism -originated in England during early 1600s -believes in Predestination -split from Church of England in 1633 -> emigrated to America What did people in Salem…

Genres and Dates and Authors

Renaissance Europe was in one sense an awakening from the long slumber of the Dark Ages. What had been a stagnant, even backsliding kind of society re-invested in the promise of material and spiritual gain. There was the sincerely held belief that humanity was making progress towards a noble summit of perfect existence. How this…

The Crash of Air France 447

I.Summary Air France Flight 447 is considered to be one of the worst crashes in aviation history. The flight went down in the mid-Atlantic on 1 June 2009 killing all 228 people aboard. The flight was on its way from Rio de Janeiro to Paris when it experienced auto-pilot and auto-thrust issues. Airbus A330’s pitot…

Gilded Age

The Gilded Age saw enormous industrial progress accompanied by the growth of appalling conditions in the slums of the cities and in the plight of farmers and others ground up by the “wheels of progress.” The struggle between capital and labor (called a “war” by historian Page Smith) showed that Americans were prepared to fight…

Franklin Tarbell

Ida Tarbell was a woman far ahead of her time. Tarbell was an extraordinary woman whose work influenced the lives of others all over. She helped transform journalism by introducing what is called today investigative journalism. Through her achievements she not only helped to expand the role of the newspaper in modern society and stimulate…

Consumer Behavior Audit

Significance of Consumer Behavior Audit Significance of Consumer Behavior Audit Consumer Audit Introduction Consumer behavior audits are useful instruments in assessing all the features of decision making in marketing including positioning, segmentation and other elements of the marketing mix. Fundamentally, a consumer behavior audit seeks to discover the attitudes of consumers concerning a certain product,…

Summary Of The Corporation Documentary

This sample essay on Summary Of The Corporation Documentary offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay’s introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion are provided below. The documentary film titled The Corporation attempts to present to the viewer different facets of this institution. The points of view presented in the…

What Did Arthur Andersen Contribute To The Enron Disaster

The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of What Did Arthur Andersen Contribute To The Enron Disaster. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed. Ethics in Accounting and Auditing Name: Date: What Did Arthur Andersen Contribute To The Enron Disaster Ethics in Accounting and…

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