A Day at the Amphitheatre

I was so excited for the gladiatorial games that were to come; I waited for them for a long time as I dreamt of seeing Marcimus Omnimous. Marcimus is a Thracian, which is my favourite gladiator, as they seem to win every match. Thracians wears armour on both legs and carries a small square shield Read More


Claudius was undeniably one of the greatest emperors of Rome; we know this because of the many ancient sources that tell us of his achievements. Achievements such as his expansion of the empire, the effective system he created through the use of freedmen and his reestablishment of the finances of the empire. Claudius continued to Read More

Anne Frank

An anonymous tip from Dutch informers led to the Gestapo breaking through a secret bookcase and finding Mr. Otto Frank, Mrs. Edith Frank, their daughters Margot and Anne, the Van Pelts family and Pfeffer. Nazis stormed through and arrested them on August 4th 1944. They left on the last train that went to Auschwitz Concentration Read More

The pre-1832 electoral system

p until 1832 there was a lot of criticism, which was aimed at the British electoral system. Despite this criticism there was some support and defence of the system stemming through the country’s social situation and that of neighbouring nations. First of all, the misrepresentation of the electorate was a main criticism; it meant that Read More

The Tudors in the period 1485 – 1525

Throughout the early Tudor period there was a succession of regional rebellions against the government’s changes in the tax system. Twice, in 1489 and 1497, these revolts were ruthlessly crushed, and then twice again in 1513, but this time the resistance was passive and the rebellion succeeded. Of the revolts faced by Henry VII there Read More