IGCSE History: World War I – Documentary

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IGCSE History: World War I – Documentary

From the documentary ’1914-1918′:

Kaiser Wilhelm II promised Paris for lunch and St. Petersburg for dinner.

The Germans utilized the Big Bertha for the Battle of Verdun:

  • Huge howitzer.
  • Could fire 820kg shells.

As the Germans advanced through Belgium:

  • Citizens fought back.
  • Snipers attacked inflicting large casualties.
  • This slowed the German advance.

Sniper attacks were nerve-racking for the Germans:

  • “Unless they shot first no one knew where the enemy was” reports a soldier.

  • There was no defense against this.
  • Nerve-racked German troopers would condone slaughter at the slightest provocation.

At the time:

  • 10 Belgian civilians died for each German soldier they killed.


  • British authorities started a propaganda war with Germany.
  • Germany was made to appear as a:
  • Beast; Germans were genetically bestial.
  • A bully crushing smaller nations fighting for survival e.g. Belgium.

The British army was based on volunteers:

  • Even football matches became recruiting drives.
  • Towns and cities competed to see which could raise the most recruits.

  • “Join up with your friends” became the recruiting slogan.

Many signed up with their friends. These groups were kept together in the army:

  • Their members would be sent to the same outposts.
  • This had a huge impact on morale:
  • Men had to watch as their friends died in battle.

All recruits had to be of good health and aged between 19 and 30.

1914, Kitchener had a large army at his command.

  • It was an army built on the patriotism of the British people.

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  • Some people joined because they wished to escape the boredom of agricultural life.

Alsace and Lorraine:

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