IGCSE History: World War I – Battle of the Mons

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IGCSE History: World War I – Battle of the Mons

Battle of the Mons:

  • The BEF were stationed several miles south of the Belgian mining town of Mons.
  • BEF consisted of 4 infantry divisions and 1 cavalry division.

22nd August 1914:

  • 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards C squadron sent out two patrols north towards the Soignies. These met with German patrols.
  • 4 German cavalrymen were spotted by the English and killed.

23rd August 1914:

  • BEF set up defensive positions near the Mon’s canal.
  • German general von Kluck decided to launch a full frontal assault on the BEF.

  • BEF was heavily outnumbered but they slowed the Germans considerably. They exacted 5,000 casualties because of the efficiency of their riflemen.They themselves lost 1,638.
  • The overwhelming numbers convinced them to retreat towards the Marne.

Figure 1: Battle Plan of the Battle of the Mons

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