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Who Remembers New York at This State?
Words • 944
Pages • 4
New York City known as ‘The Capital of the World’, “The HQ of Capitalism”, but most importantly, the city people come to hoping to pursue the American Dream. In BBC’s video, titled Filthy Cities, shows many issues of the industrial city of New York in the late 19th and early 20th century went through to become one of the most popular cities in the world. Disease, filth, and poverty plagued the streets of New York during this time period. Millions…...
EuropeNew York City
Arab Refugees In Europe
Words • 1359
Pages • 6
Arab refugees’ migration to the west has raised questions of how they have adapted and fitted in Europe and Us Western cultural values. The Arabic world consists of several ethnic, cultural, and geographic populations. The Arab population has increased rapidly in Europe and North America in the past 20 years. There is a relatively growing Arab population in the United States, although a large proportion is urban based. Towards the 20th century, there were approximately thirty-five million Arabs in Europe…...
CultureEuropeWestern Culture
Changes Caused by the Reformation in Europe
Words • 1477
Pages • 6
The European Reformations led to important changes in European history. These changes were in the areas of politics, education, and in religion. Politically, there was a change in state and ideology caused by the idea that the Catholic Church was no longer the absolute authority. The reformations improved literacy and made education more universal. The division of the Catholic Church was a major change in European religion. Martin Luther posted his Ninety-five Theses in Wittenberg without the knowledge that his…...
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Art In Renaissance Europe
Words • 1662
Pages • 7
Art is one of the few mediums where mankind can discuss and explain one’s own memories, entire lifetimes, or incredible worlds with the option of not using any words at all. It is the free expression of the human mind and senses. It can take the form of film, music, theatre, pop culture, painting, and many other forms as well. Each of these aims to entertain, make people happy, and/or drive them to contemplate an idea or way of life.…...
ArtEuropeRenaissanceRenaissance Art
Britain’s Withdrawal From the European Union
Words • 497
Pages • 2
Brexit is the term now widely used to describe, Britain’s withdrawal from the Union of European States. Brexit is a combination of the words Britain and exit. The word Brexit was coined by The Economist magazine in 2012 and caught on as shorthand for the proposal that Britain split from the European Union and no longer have a less say on it’s own policies. The important policies of contention are trade, immigration, expenditure in the union, fishing and security. According…...
BrexitEuropeInternational RelationsPoliticsUkraine
Stateless Nation Example
Words • 1534
Pages • 7
The essay sample on Stateless Nation Example dwells on its problems, providing shortened but comprehensive overview of basic facts and arguments related to it. To read the essay, scroll down.The History and Geography of Gypsies Generations of homeless wanderers known as Aroma/ Romania, or gypsies, currently traverse the vast and varied landscapes of Europe, making up one of the large SST minority groups in that realm. This research paper uses the disciplines of physical, historical a ND cultural geography to…...
Arbitrary Government
Words • 1582
Pages • 7
The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of Arbitrary Government. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed. Absolutism is first introduced by philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) who believes in the power of the state and that men cannot survive in an orderly structure without it. The goals of an absolute monarch are to keep a tight rein on the authority of the church and nobility, to make the monarch…...
ArmyEuropeFranceLouis XivPoliticsRussia
The Rise And Fall Of Napoleon Bonaparte Essay
Words • 1959
Pages • 8
This sample paper on The Rise And Fall Of Napoleon Bonaparte Essay offers a framework of relevant facts based on the recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body and conclusion of the paper below.First, how did Napoleon rise up and embrace his conquering persona? Second, how did Napoleon’s greatest flaws lead him to crash and burn towards the end of his life, but what does a great leader truly consist of? The definition of a good leader…...
ArmyEuropeFrench RevolutionMedieval EuropeNapoleon
Vikings And Christianity
Words • 2022
Pages • 9
This essay sample on Vikings And Christianity provides all necessary basic info on this matter, including the most common "for and against" arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.Viking paganism, with its human sacrifices, bloody rituals and numerous gods, instilled fear into the hearts of many Christians and diluted the Christian faith with their ‘lore of trolls, giants, dwarves and elves’ as mentioned by Viking historian Martin Arnold[1]. With raids in the 9th century and…...
18th Century Nobility
Words • 1485
Pages • 6
The sample essay on 18th Century Nobility deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay's introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on.From the outside the nobility may have appeared to be ‘a monolithic institution, powerful and united in defence of its interest’. 1 But in reality there were many divides within the nobility, such as the divisions between the old and new nobility or the rich and poor. Frictions between such…...
Is Globalisation A New Phenomenon
Words • 1209
Pages • 5
This sample paper on Is Globalisation A New Phenomenon offers a framework of relevant facts based on recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body, and conclusion of the paper below.In the many academic papers and books published on the subject, globalisation has been given numerous and varying definitions. In spite of these variations, globalisation is commonly agreed to be political, social and economic in its effects: “In political life, globalization takes a distinct form, though the general…...
Face Rapper Russia
Words • 1022
Pages • 5
This sample essay on Face Rapper Russia offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion are provided below.Russia was one of the Great Powers of Europe, but it was the one socially, economically and politically most underdeveloped. Even though the chances to be the strongest were many, because of the numerous resources that it had In Its disposal, there were too many weaknesses In the system to reach this…...
CultureEuropeFree PapersPoliticsRussiaRussian Empire
Essay On The Eastern Question
Words • 1194
Pages • 5
The essay sample on Essay On The Eastern Question dwells on its problems, providing a shortened but comprehensive overview of basic facts and arguments related to it. To read the essay, scroll down.In 1822 Castlereagh committed suicide and George Canning was appointed as the new British Foreign Secretary, a position he kept until his death in 1827. Castlereagh as Foreign Secretary had played a leading role in the defeat of Napoleon and was very keen to use the Congress System…...
EuropeInternational RelationsOttoman EmpirePoliticsRussian Empire
Famous Agriculturalists
Words • 1356
Pages • 6
This sample paper on Famous Agriculturalists offers a framework of relevant facts based on recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body, and conclusion of the paper below.The fame and prosperity of Pompeii may be largely credited to the influence which the Romans had over it, by first making it an ally of theirs in 290BC and then a colony of their empire in 90BC. However, before the Romans had arrived in Pompeii it had been occupied by…...
Ancient RomeEuropePompeii
Anglo Saxon Conquest Roman
Words • 713
Pages • 3
There were 3 main reasons why The Romans wanted to conquer Britain: 1st Big amount of corn; 2nd Rome was a slave owning society and they needed more slaves; 3rd In the first century b. C. Rome was in war with Gaul and the Cells from Britain helped Gaul to fight against the Romans. It took 98 years for the Roman to conquer a part of Britain known today as England. 55 years b. C. Julius Caesar undertook the first…...
CultureEnglandEuropeGreat BritainRoman Empire
Punic Wars Significance
Words • 804
Pages • 4
The three Punic Wars that were waged between Roman and Carthaginian Empires is a central event in ancient geopolitical history. The rise of the Roman Empire coincided with the decline of the Carthaginian Empire because each tried to benefit at the cost of the other. With every outbreak of war between these two great empires, the Roman Empire ended up garnering greater territorial expansion and political influence in the broader Europe. The three wars spanned a period of more than…...
Ancient RomeEuropeMilitaryPunic WarsRoman RepublicWar
What Led To The Renaissance
Words • 680
Pages • 3
The Renaissance is the coined term for a period of rebirth that spread throughout Europe between the 14th and 16th centuries (Brotton, 28). All forms of knowledge, art, and expression manifested into new directions and aspirations. It was a major building block in the advancement of human thought. The Renaissance focused on learning through natural sciences and newfound knowledge rather than accepting older teachings (Brotton, 39). It fostered curiosity and innovation in many industries and aspects of life. In a…...
CultureEuropeIslamMedieval EuropeRenaissance
Medieval Europe Essay
Words • 387
Pages • 2
The heroic codes of the Medieval Europe, ancient Greece and Rome have both similarities and differences. During the medieval period in Europe there were several tribes, which were considered small kingdoms ruled by strong warriors and kings. Warriors possess the strength, courage and loyalty. They are the ones taking charge of defending their own tribes from outsiders and enemies. Kings on the other hand having the highest position have to exhibit political wisdom, along with gracious hospitality and generosity. Greece…...
CultureEuropeGreeceHeroMiddle AgesPersonality
Queen Isabella Of Castile
Words • 570
Pages • 3
Queen Isabella of Castile Imagine being born into a place renewing and renovating its knowledge. Not only imagine this, but imagine being a part of the royal family. Imagine choosing a suitor, and then imagine being a queen. Now, when you’re imagining these things put yourself in their shoes. Deeply and thoroughly look into all the challenging responsibilities a queen must go through on a daily basis. Queen Isabella of Castile is such a shining prime example of powerful queen…...
Christopher ColumbusEurope
The Main Factors Leading To The European Colonization Of Africa Were_____.
Words • 695
Pages • 3
Name: Tutor: Factors That Led To Colonization Of Africa Main Factors Leading to European Colonization of Africa Towards the end of the 19th century, around 1870s and 1900, Africa was faced with imperial aggression, military invasions, diplomatic pressure and finally, a conquest by the European nations (Iweriebor 2013). Although many of the African communities put up some form of resistance, it was not enough against the sophisticated weapons and forces of the European nations. In the early twentieth century, almost…...
Liam Oflaherty
Words • 642
Pages • 3
Liam O’Flaherty ( 1896-1984 ) • Served in the Irish Guards of the British Army from 19151917 • Suffered serious hurt from a bomb blast in Belgium ; was discharged due to depression. • Following WWI. traveled widely and developed a universe position based on godlessness. communism. and the impression that Ireland should be an independent state Liam O’Flaherty ( 1896-1984 ) • Joined the Irish Republican Army to force for Irish independency. • Opposed the 1921 pact that made…...
EuropeInternational RelationsIrelandPoliticsUnited Kingdom
Glory Of The Roman Empire
Words • 673
Pages • 3
I am greatly marveled by the wonderful pictures and information the article tackles on certain details of the Roman world where textbooks normally take for granted. Such examples mentioned in the article, covers what Romans do in their leisure time and details on the structure of the city, which then leads to how its leaders turned Rome to be one of the richest, and most powerful metropolises the world has ever witnessed. It is a good thing that the author…...
Ancient RomeCurrencyEuropeRoman Empire
Cultural Interaction Essay
Words • 887
Pages • 4
Cultural interaction is the basis for the world today. Without cultural interaction, the Americas would still be filled with Native Americans. The whole world would be isolated from other cultures. For example, America would not have certain foods and animals, such as bananas and cows; likewise, Europe would not have corn or turkeys. Between the years 600 and 1450 C. E, Cultural interaction was very beneficial due to the expanding of trade, spreading of religion and cultures, and strengthening nations.However,…...
AfricaAstronomyBubonic PlagueCultureEuropeIslam
Congress Of Vienna Summary
Words • 322
Pages • 2
The Congress of Vienna, the organizing conference of coalition against Napoleon and France, was a major building block in the future of Europe for years to come.The Conservative Political and Social views of the leaders of the time lead to a successful peace settlement to end this NapoleonicThefirst act to end Napoleon’s rule was to create some new unity after the coalition had marched in Paris and defeated Napoleon.Each country was beginning to pursue their own interests and drift apart…...
CongressEuropeInternational RelationsNapoleonPolitics
European Civilization
Words • 304
Pages • 2
The advancements of Greece, Rome and the Dark and Middle Ages set the foundation for modern European culture. Through literature, inventions, and the church Europe evolved into a distinct civilization. Greece influenced modern Europe with their advancements in literature and the written language. Also, the theories of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates began modern thought and theory. The Greeks, including Homer, were also thefirst to write down history. The Greeks also made advancements in science and math and also published encyclopedias. They…...
Reflection Essay On Industrialization
Words • 291
Pages • 2
Industrialization began its mighty impact in the later part of the 18th century when Europe's economy was introduced to the concept of industrialization.This concept impacted not only Europe but the world as a whole.Many new ideas and opportunities quickly followed.Industrialization brought not only its advantages but its disadvantages with it, helping to shape the world that we now live in. Europe's industrialization brought many advantages and new opportunities to Europeans.With the introduction of a new sort of work force, many…...
Attila The Hun Early Life
Words • 344
Pages • 2
Attila was called the Scourge of God or King of the Huns. Very little is known of Attila’s early life beyond the fact that he was a member of the ruling family of the Huns. Huns are a nomadic Asian people who spread from the Caspian steppes in repeated attacks on the Roman Empire. Before Attila’s birth, the Huns reached the Danube River in raids against the Eastern Roman Empire.By AD 432, they had gained so much power that Attila’s…...
Ancient RomeEurope
Essay Examples on Turkey
Words • 617
Pages • 3
1st Essay Sample on Turkey At the same moment Turkey has quarrels-disputes with its neighbors. I would like to discuss two of these problems. One of the disputes will be the Cyprus question with Greece. Cyprus, an island in the Eastern Mediterranean, at the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa. Its strategic position, its wealth in forests and mineral deposits, as well as its skilled craftsmen, made it the prized possession of the powers of the day.…...
AsiaEuropeGreeceMiddle EastOttoman Empire
Essay Examples on World War I
Words • 596
Pages • 3
1st Essay Sample on World War I World War I was the result of leaders’ aggression towards other countries, which was supported by the rising nationalism of the European nations. Economic and imperial competition and fear of war prompted military alliances and an arms race, which further escalated the tension contributing to the outbreak of war.On the European continent there were chiefly five raising great powers.On one side France, Britain, and Russia and on the other were the Central Powers…...
EuropeInternational RelationsMilitaryPoliticsWar
Essay Examples on Feudalism
Words • 646
Pages • 3
1st Essay Sample on feudalism I have just read an article on Feudalism in a Britannia magazine. Feudalism began between the 8th and 9th centuries. It wasfirst recognised in France, and later spread to most countries of Western Europe. When Charlemagne died there was no strong ruler to take his place. That was when feudalism was established as the main system of government and way of life in Medieval Europe. Europe was politically divided. It was hit by several invasions…...
CasteEuropeFeudalismLawMiddle AgesPolitics
Essay Examples on Charlemagne
Words • 1208
Pages • 5
Writing a good essay on Charlemagne requires you to get an idea of what to write about. To get inspiration, please go through our essay examples on this topic. Charlemagne Essays: Table of Content The Life of Charlemagne Essay Charlemagne's Kingdom Essay How Charlemagne United His Kingdom Essay Charlemagne and Religion Essay The Life of Charlemagne Essay Einhard, in his The Life of Charlemagne, makes clear the fundamental integration of politics and religion during the reign of his king.Throughout his…...
Ancient RomeCharlemagneChristianityEuropePope
Essay Examples on Berlin Wall
Words • 624
Pages • 3
1st Essay Sample on Berlin Wall My topic is "The Fall of The Berlin Wall" , Communism and politics. The Berlin wall was built in 1961. The wall was built to divide the eastside and the west communist. The Berlin wall was constructed as a heavily forted barrier that is about 26 miles long. Berlin was a focal point for changes. the fall of the Berlin wall which will always be remember as the end of"The Cold War". this made…...
Berlin WallCommunismEuropeInternational RelationsJoseph StalinPolitics
Transatlantic Slave Trade
Words • 1083
Pages • 5
The era of slavery remains one of the darkest periods in dark Africa and the World as concerns humanity and ethics. It’s the statement of historians that over 200 million slaves from Africa were traded during this era. The development of slave trade in Europe is attributed to the Portuguese, Who in the early 1440,had began trading slaves with the west African tribes and merchants , later the British and French expanded their territories and joined in the then lucrative…...
AfricaEuropeFrancePlantationPoliticsSlave Trade
The Rise and Fall of Great Powers
Words • 5110
Pages • 21
The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers - Economic change and Military conflict from 1500 to 2000 By Paul Kennedy Fontana Press, London, 1989. This fascinating book by Paul Kennedy, a professor of history at Yale University, is about the changing balance of power in the past 500 years. The book explains the interaction between economics & strategy and relates military conflicts to economic progress. As the author puts it, “Wealth is usually needed to underpin military power and…...
BankingBanking And FinanceEconomyEuropeFinanceFrance
How much did Bismarck’s success from 1862-70 depend on the errors and misjudgements of others
Words • 309
Pages • 2
According to the traditional German view, German unification was achieved in 1871 as a result of the actions of one great man, Otto von Bismarck, the Minister-President of Prussia, who planned the events leading to unification in detail. However, more recent historians have argued that Bismarck had no such ``master plan''. Instead, Bismarck's success was a result of his flexibility as a statesman, combined with the advantages Prussia enjoyed both in its resources and its diplomatic situation, the latter of…...
EmotionEuropeInternational RelationsPoliticsRussian EmpireSuccess
Crisis of the 17th Century
Words • 1219
Pages • 5
Crisis of the 17th Century Name Institution Crisis of the 17th Century The 17th century oversaw a revolutionary period in Europe. Echoing contemporary historians, chroniclers and diarists have had an almost similar view that the 17th century was particularly troubled. A number of Historians have brought forward their reasoning in an attempt to explain the 17th century crisis. This paper will serve to compare and contrast two lines of reasoning behind the crisis – one by Eric J. Hobsbawm, and…...
The Dark Ages in European History
Words • 2935
Pages • 12
Introduction During the reign of the Roman Empire, Europe had advanced in terms of technology and literal work as well as education. During this time, civilization had boomed with many cities being built that facilitated structured formal civilization. During this time agriculture, economy and trade had boomed. It is also a time when literal work was at its peak during those ages. However, towards the fifth century, the roman army was loosing grip of the empire due to economic, political,…...
CivilizationCultureEuropeJerusalemMiddle AgesVirtue
Russian and Eastern Europe
Words • 178
Pages • 1
When Ivan IV took power, he named his vast territory Russia. Who is credited with creating the "Russian Empire"? Ivan IV The Byzantine influence can be seen in Kiev's government because the legal code was created on the basis of Byzantine law. Moscow was given more power under Mongol rule because Moscow was loyal to the Mongols. The resurgence of Russia under Ivan IV began in the middle of the 1500s CE. What effect did the Mongol invasion have on…...
Byzantine EmpireEuropeFlashcardsIvan The TerribleRussia
The Treaty of Vienna 1815
Words • 1067
Pages • 5
While the final hectic scenes of Napolean's escapades were still being played out, far broader issues were being discussed by the general diplomatic assembly which had congregated in Vienna. Never before had so many rulers and principal ministers met to hammer out a comprehensive peace settlement. Those men involved in the Congress of Vienna had a monumental task in front of them: that of piecing Europe together once more and of seeking to establish conditions which would give this work…...
EuropeGovernmentInternational RelationsNapoleonPolitics
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Who Remembers New York at This State?
...Dan Snow through a series of images, reenactments, and visitations of historic places in New York embodied the agony and struggles of these people. He used realistic examples and did not over exaggerate the information and events that took place. The...
What Led To The Renaissance
...It’s difficult to say which is more responsible, one is ideologically responsible and another is infra-structurally responsible. Both played vital, but different, roles that set the stage for what eventually became the Renaissance. WORKS CITED Brot...
How much did Bismarck’s success from 1862-70 depend on the errors and misjudgements of others
...According to the traditional German view, German unification was achieved in 1871 as a result of the actions of one great man, Otto von Bismarck, the Minister-President of Prussia, who planned the events leading to unification in detail. However, mo...
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