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The Mongols oversaw the biggest land based empires the world has ever witnessed, yet it was also one of the shortest. It originated on the Steppe of Mongolia, and by the late 13th century it stretched from the Far East to the Far West. At the height of the empire, Qubilai seized power in China where he established the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368). Under his reign, China saw significant changes, where the most momentous is the unification of China proper. However,…...
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Valeria Silva1st periodMongols DBQStarted during the 13th Century
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Valeria Silva1st periodMongols DBQStarted during the 13th Century, the Mongol Empire - being led by Genghis Khan and his sons and grandsons - one of the greatest, most barbaric, empire in history known to man. Having conquered most of Asia and eastern Europe, their power came from their mighty military strategies, weaponry, and understanding of psychology to induce fear upon those who crossed their same path.The Mongols’ courageous attitude in battle and confidence in controlling weaponry began since childhood, like…...
Genghis Khan
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