The Caused War To Break Out In Europe

The political invasion in 1933 of Germany by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party and his aggressive foreign policy. Was one of the causes of the break out in Europe. How the Nazis cause to power: the great depression discredit capitalism in quite a few countries, a market economy. Also, discredit democracy. In consequence, the great depression caused tatitorion/ fascist dictatorships and appealing alternative. Nazi plans create a German empire the third right, to control the European continent. Hitler wanted to destroy and colonize the soviet union into a place for German people to live.

The goal was to destroy and colonize and turn Russians into cheap slaves, inferior race. What Hitler wanted to do was purify the content and eliminate communism Judaism in Europe. To kill all communists kill all Jews! How did Hitler get away with it? In 1933 Germany was military very weak. Germany announced it had to rebuild its air force. In the process of rebuilding his navy/army.

This was violations of Versailles.West England/France did nothing/ until THE invasion of Poland 1939. Germany was better arm than its opponents.

What led to war between the U.S. and Japan? Some of the reason that leads war between the U.S and Japan on December 8, 1941, was the declaration of war from the United States Congress on the Empire of Japan in response to that country’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor the prior day. It was formulated an hour after the Infamy Speech of US President Franklin D.

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Roosevelt. Japan – Japanese plans build a colonial empire the jewel in their crown would be China then invaded in 1937- individual war/ colony. Conflict with united states it was committed independent China. Instead, the U.S imposed economic sanctions. The gasoline embargo on Japan. The Japanese responded by launching a preemptive military strike, U.S naval base in Hawaii called Pearl Harbor. U.S. Isolationism before Pearl Harbor 80% of Americans oppose the war. Five days after Pearl Harbor Europe Germany/Italy declared war on united states.

Why did the Allies win the war in Europe? The Allies won the war against Europe for many reasons. The Soviet Union in 1943-1945 allies mining. The Soviet Union was the most responsible for defeating the Nazis. They fought for 3 years alone. About 8 million Russian soldiers died they suffered the most. Operation Barbarossa was the German invasion of the soviet union. Operation Barbarossa began in June of 1991 the German invasion of the Soviet Union. German army of 4 million Germans, marched for 3 months up to 800 miles and managed to capture ⅔ of Russians oil, coal, iron & farmland- wheat fields. The Soviet Union was on the edge to collapse, but Germans manage to make a miraculous combat. They wanted to enslave the Russian for cheap labor. They killed all the Jews to get rid of Judaism. The west responded by doing nothing. The event that triggered war was the invasion of ocolt. What brought Japan in conflict with the U.S.

Japan wanted to colonize China so Japan invaded China and started a war, but the U.S was committed to an independent China, uncolonized so the U.S imposed economic sanctions a gasoline embargo. Japan responded by a pre-military strike. Then there was the Economic Revival, Stallen Disassemble 50,000 factories and had them placed on railroad cars and have them travel 0,000 of miles reassembled. He also directed all of Germans remaining resources and labor force and took them into the service of mass production, few designs of tanks and planes. After 1942 the soviet union manufacturers more weapons than Germany. Superior Manpower, Germany vs Russia in terms of population Germany in the 1940s had the population 80 million people oppose to Russia with 191 Million. In terms of the army, Germany had 13 Million and Russia had 34 Million, Germany ran out of soldiers first.

The Russian had unlimited reserves they kept coming up with replacements. The United States, America’s main contribution to the war was economic, industrial, its assembly line mass production. The U.S manufacturer more weapon than any other nation. German manufactured 45,000 tanks and u.s made 88,000. In terms of planes, Germany made 100,00 and U.S made 300,00. Production Miracle, Air Power, Alley victory, the combined bomber offensive, u.s, and England to bomb Germany. They used American air power to destroy Germany civilian economy. They destroyed German factories, railroads, and oil refineries. They destroyed 85% of the power and electricity. Civilian terror bombing was caused and decided 35,000 civilians dead. Combined Bomber Offensive. Ultimately, Allies won the war in both theaters largely because they had a more industrial capacity and larger populations. They also won because of geographical advantages. At last, they were helped by mistakes made by their opponents.

How did the U.S. win the war against Japan? The U.S won the war against Japan not just because they were better but because they prepared themselves in every way and gradually executed with their fearful weapons. First off the U.S had an industrial advantage. Japan only had about 10% of the industrial capacity that the U.S had. By 1945 the U.S Navy was four times larger than Japan, but not only was it bigger than japan’s, but it was the largest navy in the world. The battle took place midway, it was U.S victory turning point, U.S offense. The U.S won the battle because of magic they knew Japan was waiting for them and prepared. It took them 2 ½ years to get close to them. War without mercy, over the course of the war no Japanese military surrendered. Most of them chose to till death and did not give up no matter what! However, this battle turned into 15 million Chinese dead.

Firebombing became effective in January 1955, American bombs destroyed 66 japan’s largest cities. It left 300,000 dead which left 8 million Japanese homeless. It did far more damage to Japan and killed more Japanese than the atomic bombs. The U.S would have won the war even if they had not used atomic bombs. A-bomb next step, was an American invasion. Trinity test in July of 1945 became the first successful atomic weapon. This bomb killed about 130,000 people and 70,000 were vaporized 70% of the city. If the U.S had used the atomic bomb it would have ended the war sooner and saved many American lives. What were the consequences of the war—both globally and domestically?

There were consequences both globally and domestically. With war comes destruction and new changes, some positive and some negative. Globally it took the lives of 60 million people about ½ civilians. There was also the introduction of new weapons, for example, the first use of radar, where people were able to fly airplanes without having to see. Rockets and missiles were also introduced. The first use of computers was invented with the goal of being able to decode German messages, in order to know to detect every move. There was also something called the atomic bomb which was called the Manhattan project. The ends fascist threat to the world was the euthanasia program where it was a medical killing group, that was determined to kill their own people which resulted in 200,000 ethnic Germans. Without mercy, they killed old Germans that were mentally ill and physically disabled. They were referred to as useless eaters. Not only that, but the holocaust also initiated, there were immigration reforms and refuge in development as well as a new of Israel.

The democratic Germany japan was strengthened and stabled nations, economic superpowers, and western allies. Cold war turns the soviet union into military power to count in global affairs. U.S isolationism intervention began to abandon and embrace innovations. furthermore, communication was created and decolonization independence. Domestically in ended the great depression it impacts the living standards of Americans and created full-time jobs that ended the depression. The G.I Bill gave loans to people to start businesses and free tuition-free school for all veterans which were amazing because many were able to receive an education that they never got. In result it contributes to the economic boom, veterans were able to buy homes and a cheap prize and because of the higher education that arose, it created the world’s highest educated workforce. Lastly, there was the Japanese internment, there was 120 thousand Japanese living. They killed a bunch of people and America feared that they would get invaded as well. Consequences were that they lost their land savings and farms.

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