The following sample essay on “Disabled and Out Out” is about two poems written by Wilfred Owen and Robert Frost. Both of these works talk about disability.

After reading and understanding multiple poems all dealing with different themes and topics, I first preferred talking about The Bright Lights Of Sarajevo by Tony Harrison, because I was obsessed by how the poet used the theme of war and love throughout his poem. This made me interested because of how different those two topics are and how the poet uses words with multiple interpretations which keeps the reader engaged.

However, in the end i picked Disabled By Wilfred Owen and Out Out By Robert Frost.

I have chosen these poems because out of all poems listed as my options, they both had the strongest links between them as they both explore the the theme or loss by the little boy chopping his hand off and the veteran who is disabled, which made me engaged even more.

Out Out is a poem written by Robert Frost in the early 19s. It is about a small young boy using a saw to chop some wood, and when his sister called for supper, the saw chopped his hand as how delighted he was hearing that food was ready, and that has a link with the poem Disabled because the main man in the poem is disabled,

and it shows imagery about blood, and Out Out shows us that by the sentence Half as if to keep the life from spilling, By half the writer means that he has half of his hands, and by spilling he means stopping the blood from spilling.

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This has interested me because i wanted to know what happens at the end.

Disabled is a poem written by Wilfred Owen about an old man who was a soldier in World War II. Everyone back then were fooled by the amount of propaganda there was. They were to be told that they would come back from wars as champions and live the life of a millionaire and with a blonde wife and blue eyes, but in reality it was like a nightmare coming true, blood everywhere, human body partys all scattered across the floor, people with no arms and legs, the poet makes us, the audience realise how propaganda worked and how reality was like. They thought that they would come back as heroes after the war ends. But in the sentence Some cheered him home, but not as crowds cheer goal. This shire that the men werent welcomed as heroes compared to famous football stars (eg. Ronaldo).

In the end, I had chosen these two poems because they both have a really good link together, and they both experienced the theme of loss which really made me want to continue reading. Disabled has made me understand the way of living as a man in the 19s and how men back in the day didnt know what enrolling in the army really means. This was the reality of wars, and the propaganda behind it was just a myth. Disabled was a 46 line poem that explained what an old man experienced being disabled, and Out Out was a 34 line short poem that told a (said to be) real life story of a boy cutting his hand off out of excitement.

Out Out has illustrated to the reader how excitement can be a little too much sometimes as shown in the poem, the little boy cuts his hand unintentionally, while his sister calls for supper, and it got agitated. It shows the loss of the boys hand as the life from spilling as said on line 22, and Disabled shows how the man is waiting on his wheelchair for nightfall as he is indeed disabled as the author shows us that he is old and useless.

The link between the two poems are about the boys hand getting cut off and the man being disabled with no knees made me pick these two poems because they both talk about disabilities.

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