What Really Makes Me Unique And Stand Out

Someone once said “Being the best is great, you’re the number one. Being unique is greater, you’re the only one.” Therefore, what actually makes me unique and stand out? I had been thinking about this for a long time. Now, I finally have an answer. My immigrant background makes me unique. People might ask why I think being an immigrant is special and makes me unique. My answer to this question is that not because I’m an immigrant then I am special.

It is because that being an immigrant allows me to learn and accept different onions. Also, I am coming from a non-English speaking country that gave me the advantage to speak more languages not just English. As a result, this could be something that makes me stand out during an interview.

The world is different from the world fifty years ago, especially in the United States. Gay marriage became legal; abortion is considering as a woman’s right.

Learning how to accept different perspectives is an important skill that everyone should know. I love to debate. It is not because I like to involve in an argument. It is because debating can force me into being in a situation that I would never get in. After I done searching for pieces of evidence that I need for a debate, I can eventually understand why would some people think in this way. For example, I had a debate in my high school English class, and the topic is Arranged Marriage.

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Personally, I don’t believe in arranged marriage. Marriage is for a loving couple, not for two people that never met before.

However, I was assigned to support arranged marriage. Therefore, I forced myself to think about the positive side of arranged marriage. After the debate, I started to understand why some people would support arranged marriage, even I didn’t win the debate. In my opinion, I still believe that people should be married to the person they love, but I respect some people that might disagree with me. This the ability that debate can teach a person. I don’t have to believe in the side that I don’t like, but I learn how to respect different voices from a different group of people. I was taught by my teacher that “there is nothing that is absolutely correct.” I might be correct today, but ten years later I might be wrong. Therefore, I think empathic understanding is a skill that makes me special.

Language is extremely important in a communication. Coming from a non-English speaking country do let me have the advantage to speak a different language other than English. I can speak fluent Mandarin Chinese, some Cantonese, learning Japanese, and of course English. Even my English is not as good as a native speaker, but it is still understandable. In my perspective, speaking a different language is an absolute advantage. Sometimes language is not just about the words coming out of one’s mouth, mostly it is something cultural. People are not really speaking a language if they don’t understand the culture. So, speaking different languages means you acknowledge different rules in different cultures. I do believe that speaking multiple languages can broaden my horizon. It can lead to better decision making skill, and a better communication skill. There are many things that can make myself unique from other people, but I think the two examples above are the major things that shape who I really am.

It can make me stand out during an interview and makes me a better employee than others. Empathic understanding can lead to the good working environment. Employees will understand each other and lead to compromise and create a warm atmosphere in the workplace. Speaking multiple languages can be helpful when dealing with foreign companies. When speaking their language can better assist the company to have a positive relationship with their foreign companies. Both the company and its costumers will benefit from it. Everyone is born uniquely. People are different in many ways, and their own special talent is their most useful weapon. Self-reflection is necessary when a person thinks they are not good enough. In order to become a good employee, people need to develop the special talent that can make them unique from other competitors.

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