Civil Rights Movements, Strikes and Other Stand Up

This story will teach of how to respect others. There are many people who in the world are racist. This means to be rude to another person by skin color,religion,etc. It is a horrible thing but you and I everyone can stop it. Here is how we can stop racism.

So here are a few answers to the “r” word. If you see someone being told different because of color you should tell the bully the things that are for the race or religion.

This could be a story or maybe a helping hand in the history of the world. This is called the freedom of speech. You see in the 1960’s there was a thing called segregation. This was the separation of a religion, race or more. But there was someone who stood up and this would change the look of blacks and whites.

This paragraph I will tell you the story of a couple of people. One of those people is Martin Luther King Jr.

His grandfather and father were reverends at small church in Atlanta,Georgia. This was where Martin was born. On January 15, 1929 the 1st son of Martin Luther KIng Sr. and Alberta King was born. Later in life Martin on a hot day was playing with his white friend. Suddenly the white boy’s dad saw Martin and told his son to leave from him. This decision was made solely on Martin’s color of skin.

Many years later when Martin Jr was 27 he changed the world.

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By boycotts, Civil rights movements, strikes and other stand ups in the US. Soon Martin Jr came together with other civil rights leaders. One of these people was Rosa Parks a woman taken to jail because she did not give her seat to a white male on a bus. She paid her sentence and on that day they had a plan. On Dec 5- Dec 20 1956 the bus boycotts start. This was by blacks not sitting on the bus but walking. This worked but only for the buses. The next step was by giving a speech at Washington D.C.

This happened in August 1963 when Martin Jr was 34. So Martin and the other leaders gave speeches on how the thought the rules where. But the most moving speech was Martin’s. He said “I have a dream that one day that others will not be judged by their skin but by the context of their character.” This was of course his “I have a dream speech.”

So on October 4th, 1963 the signing of Desegregation was done. And that was when white people and black people were equal. So from then on out no more fights. NO more racism in the US was allowed. But on April 4th, 1968 martin jr was assassinated by James Earl Ray a man who was hired by the Ku Klux Klan a racist group. He was later caught and sentenced to 99 years in prison! But no matter how much that man did Martin Luther King Jr. still gave hope to all of other races hope that it will change one day.

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Civil Rights Movements, Strikes and Other Stand Up
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