I am really interested in Law and would relish to study the

I am really interested in Law and would relish to study the LLM Law Conversion Couse. I have chosen this course because I am someone who strives to make positive change and seeks justice. I feel I would be most suited to this course as I am particularly keen on wanting to further my horizon and would like to develop a more in-depth understanding around the English Legal System as well as gain insight into the core modules which will enhance my understanding in Law.

My parents immigrated to the United Kingdom in the 1980’s. I have come from a deprived background whereby I have several siblings and none of whom were given the opportunity to reach their full potential academically. I re-call my childhood being one whereby my father was violent towards my mother. I witnessed domestic violence / abuse. I took on a young carer’s role during my teenage years. I found myself interpreting and translating for my mother, advocating, becoming her voice and supporting her in every possible way until she had the courage to separate from my father.

Although my mother struggled to provide for me, I was taught to be kind, honest and respectful. I have embedded this from a young age and today this is my core belief.

Prior to studying Social Work at university I worked at Slough Borough Council as a Customer Service Advisor. My role consisted of supporting clients with Housing, Council Tax and Welfare Benefit queries. I thoroughly enjoyed this, as this allowed me to build positive working relationships, allowed me to support clients and make a difference within my community.

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I possess a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Social Work. I have practised as a Social Worker since September 2014. I have specialised within Child Protection, Children and Families. Working within this field has developed me in number of ways. I am able to effectively work alone and within a team, I have gained excellent communication skills, and have the ability to work under immense pressure which has increased my confidence. I have completed Section 47 Child Protection enquires, I have held cases under Child In Need, Child Protection, under the Public Law Outline framework, and Looked after Children. I have gained sound legal knowledge within Children’s Act 1989 and 2004. I have prepared statements which have been presented before the courts. I have given verbal evidence in county courts as well as Royal Courts of Justice. I have learnt how to analyse cases, problem solve, and risk assess with tact and diplomacy.

I have worked for several Local Authority’s and have worked with clients from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. I have worked with severe Mental Health clients, clients with disabilities, clients who are drug and alcohol dependant, teenagers with challenging behaviour, and clients who have experienced domestic abuse / violence. In addition, I have advocated for clients and placed support where required. I have completed assessments ranging from Child and Family assessments, Risk assessments, and Pre-Birth assessments. I have learnt to become confident in identifying present needs and wishes, strength’s and risks, future goals, as well as promoting and empowering clients and respecting their right to a private family life. I have learnt transferable skills, which no doubt can be applied to Law.

I have handled complex child and family cases which have been challenging yet rewarding. I feel satisfied when I have made a difference. My passion lies within making positive change, changing lives for the better and being a voice for those in need, as well as advocating and seeking justice.

I would like to study Law as this will not only enable me to grow as an individual but will also enable me to gain fundamental legal knowledge and professional skills I will need to further my training in becoming a Solicitor.

My future is extremely important to me, I have gained a significant level of experience through Social Work. However, if given the opportunity to study Law, I know I would be able to make more of a difference to my local community and society as a whole. I am a dedicated, responsible, and disciplined individual who welcomes the challenge of studying Law.

I have chosen the BPP University Law School as I am aware that its reputation speaks for itself. I am confident in having studied with BPP I will learn from qualified Lawyers who can develop my legal career, enhance my professional skills, and having completed this course I know I will be guaranteed a place on the LPC which offers BPP’s career guarantee.

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I am really interested in Law and would relish to study the
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