Mahatma Gandhi was once quoted, “No two leaves are alike”. The experiences of us make individuals different and unique. My family, friends, and society influence my family values and traditions, personal identity and values, and my attitudes towards diversity; they let me become who I’m now.

The influence of family on a person is always imperceptible, and print in one’s soul. My family is ordinary, makes up by my mom, my father, and me. From the perspective of family members, I am happy.

I can have fun with both of my parents at the same time, and I can get their help whenever I need unfortunately, these may be my special right, advantage, available things only happened to a particular group of people, which is a privilege, compared to the kids from some other types of family, such as divorced family.

My aspiration and perceptions of my future family are just like my current home. I hope I can always have a complete family, which means I’ll try my best to avoid divorce.

I don’t have a prejudice for divorce, but I have heard many stories and seen many children from a divorced family that have to bear the bias from other people; the children did nothing wrong to this result, but they need to shoulder the consequences. Furthermore, divorce is not a thing that anyone would expect. Hence, as an adult, if one day I step into marriage, I hope I can go with that person to the end, just like my parents.

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The family reunion is important to me. When I was a kid, my parents bring me to my grandmas home every weekend, and this became my family’s routine and tradition. Furthermore, every holiday my family members will gather together for a big meal and have fun till night. During the family reunions, we make new connections and strengthening the older ones. These new connections will not only help me emotionally but also can help me professionally as well. Human is social beings. During the reunion, we interact and share ideas with others; these actions benefit children in the family and help them in forming a right value of family and defending themselves.

My family and my society help me to form my personal identity and values. I identify myself as an independent person; this is also my opinion towards gender role, should be independent women, for females. The basis of being an independent woman is financial independence. Marx’s theory stated that the base determines the superstructure; this is true to society and true to individuals. Everyone should be responsible for life.

Money is one of the medias for human beings to realize social value and self-worth; although it is not omnipotent and unique, it is an important substance ensure for who to be kind to live. My mom is not a housewife, but she takes good care of our family and her work. She always reminds me that I want to be an independent person, and self-esteem, self-reliance, and self-improve is a must for a person. It sounds good to rely on others to meet material needs.

However, we cannot ensure that person can let us rely on for whole life. Financial independence allows one to live well even when any person left from his/her life. Hence, I dont agree that women should stay home and take care of their family and do housework while men are built into the institutions of society by so-called, structural dominance; this is patriarchy in gender matter. Im not a feminism person; I think people should be equal regardless of gender. This equality is not about the inherent differences between men and women, but about the acquired stuff that gave by a society.

In addition to gender, people have different kinds of differences, this is the meaning of diversity to me, also not just about the race and ethnicity. When I was in China, the Diverse I saw the most was the people from different parts of China. Living on earth, an individual would realize that he/she belongs to a specific social group and recognizes the emotional and value implications brought to him/her as a member of the group this is social identity. I am a southern Chinese. I love my hometown, and I’m proud to be Chinese. When seeing the people different from me, I see this diversity as a meddlesome. My parents and my education told me that I should respect diversity.

My experiences let me think that people who are different from myself can bring me a lot of fun, and I can hear a different and interesting world from them. There must be someone likes this diversity while others don’t, this is objective existence. However, after I came to OU, I see the phenomenon of who don’t like this kind of diversity became different; when seeing the people have different inherited physical characteristics, someone determines themselves have a higher intellectual capacity and personality traits, which known as racism. Once, I was walking in an Athens’ streets with my friend at night, and I was yelled by a person who drove through me, “fuck off to your country”.

We were scared; we then accelerated the pace and tried not to care about that. That was the first time that I felt the impact of racial discrimination. Unfortunately, later, I saw, heard, and understood more about racism. As the reason that I think men and women should be equal, I very oppose racial discrimination. Despising others because of different inherited physical characteristics is stupid; this can see that how narrow their minds are and how scarce their politeness is. We always said that do not judge people by appearance, not to mention judging people by their skin color alone.

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