What Makes Me Tick: My Experience Analysis

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What makes me tick ? The question “What makes me tick? “, seemed a simple one at first, as we were just told to write about our hobbies and passions which I found illogical as this was meant to be a creative task. After some deeper thought and deliberation the idea hurtled toward me! It sent me into an uncontrollable spin, head first, down an endless well of alien self reflection.

Have never pondered about the question of what makes me tick. I had to contemplate me, down to my core and all its numerous implications. It has certainly been an unorthodox road of adolescent self discovery.

Just me in my room, encased in four walls, entombed in my thoughts, with a pencil in my hand and a weight on my head. Before knew it was in deep, deeper than I first thought possible.

Realized this as was day dreaming, in my mind palace, in the midst of a house party. When my mind initially started working its gears and cogs pondering this question didn’t know where to go mentally, until I had an epiphany. The thought of a clock in its simplest form made everything easier to understand because even though humans are infinitely more complicated than clocks we still have many similarities in how we both produce our ticks.

Neither a clock nor a human can produce their tick without the necessary components and those very same components could not work without the stimulation of energy, and then it dawned on me, Before answering the question what makes me tick i have to know what my ticks are so what is my tick? What are my defining qualities? What does my hand move to the noise of? There isn’t one single product like the movement of a hand or the changing of a number, humans are complicated.

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We do have what you could call components and a clear source of energy but answering what your tick is isn’t such a simple task. I suppose you could say my tick is the production of creativity, concepts and connections which enable me create limitless possibilities, the opportunity to entirely pave the pathway to my future. More specifically some of my many, many “ticks” are an endless love for eating good food, Tech, traveling,Tv shows, Art in its many forms, education and an endless lust to succeed and obtain the obtainable .

I don’t just see food as function, as a mere source of energy but as an art form. Let needs to be enjoyed and consumed, for the unique pleasure that food alone can give. Nothing else compares to the way food stimulates all the menses. This appeal to the senses instantly evokes memories and whisks you far off, transporting you to a remembered world of time, place and people. It’s our responsibility to be in awe of food and celebrate all that it is. ‘Talk” Traveling is what ever you make it, for me it is the idea of endless possibilities that await for the adventurer.

Traveling excites me into a ball of euphoric anticipation awaiting anyone willing to break the seemingly inescapable mundane and the monotony of daily lifestyle, of familiarity and routines. The anticipation blinds us from the ecstasy of the present moment. Love to travel o seemingly alien worlds to leave everything behind, to discover, experience and explore the endless bounty that the world has to offer, and if done well discover myself again in the journey for self transcendence.

Even though traveling can occur in a concentrated manner it can still change your entire perspective on life, broadening your mind and expanding your horizons . To me life is just one big adventure waiting for me to act, travel , explore and experience it. “TOCK”. The art Of cinematography is a beautiful mosaic comprised Of everything love. Through its many forms It can evoke every possible emotion pulling you onto a dream like state. If done well it releases you from the daily constraints and all of its burdens enveloping you in whatever world you desire at the flick of a switch.

Igniting your childlike state of wonder, transfixing you in that moment and time making you feel whole as if this cinematography was the only tangible reality left. Just you and these fictional characters exploring the unexplored, immortality’s the most elusive thing, now that’s why love TV. “TICK” Art and beauty in it’s many forms (in particular paintings) has had a firm hold since the day I was born transfixing me in its gaze, never ceasing to hold me n its aesthetic arrest. I’ve had this searing passion permeate through my since i was single cell zygote .

Waiting to bloom and flourish the moment was capable understand the dynamic event of beauty fully experiencing assimilating its perceptual vastness making time dilate because of the poetry of the moment. It alters the state of consciousness in a extraordinary moment of poetry and grace. Forcing me to marvel, reveling in a static elimination of opulence art sings in rapture and i love to drown in it. “TOCK” All these things truly embody me as an individual as navigate through this world . Trying desperately to transcend the normality of every day monotony.

Making the now, represent me to the fullest degree . All to try and hopelessly create an identity for myself so that i can feel satisfied and happy with myself through the never ending cycle Of repetitiveness so that i can have dignity. I’ll hearken back to my earlier words for it is physically impossible for a clock to work without its cogs, wires and components just like it’s impossible for me to produce my ticks without the right nurturing environment. Education, friends, ketchup, computers, TV shows and fulfillment keep me ticking away, pep me sane.

For this allows me to fulfill and engineer my own divinity reining me in from the vertigo of freedom making me tick just one day at a time. Clocks come in various shapes, forms and sizes but its components can’t function if they do not have a reliable source of energy just as can’t work unless have what some would call human energy. For me human energy is the fundamentals of one self the you that you can’t change: your traits. The real you the part of you that does not change but just waits for you to wake up and find it. To assimilate and construct a permanent rendering of it. That is what makes me tick.

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What Makes Me Tick: My Experience Analysis
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