Money Makes Mare Go: Meaning of the Saying

Money is, no doubt, a miracle. It endows us with happiness, wipes our tears, soothes our wounds, makes our life mirthful and rosy, gives us laughter and joy and changes our dreams to reality. Though not for all of our problems, it is a panacea for most of them. In the eyes of the world a rich man is wise man. He gathers most friends. His prosperity makes him smart enough to collect as much friends as he likes. Wealth, even in the most improbable cases, manages to convey the aspect of intelligence.

The golden key of money opens up even the trickiest locks of troubles thus rightfully giving its owner the prestige of being intelligent. Survival of the fittest is the law of nature. Those who struggle survive; those who shun effort become extinct. God says in His Holy book, ‘Man gets what he strives for’. It is a part of the nature of humanity to struggle for better food, better clothes and better lodging and surely money making is one of its basic needs.

The art of getting rich consists not in industry, much less in saving but in a better order, in timeliness, in being at the right spot.

 Money as a Master and Servant

Though money is a terrible master and an excellent servant yet we ought not allow it to overwhelm all our abilities and master whole of our life. It was rightfully said by some one that he does not posses wealth that allows it to posses him.

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Rightfully, if we command our wealth we shall be rich and free, if our wealth commands us we are poor indeed. With out money we can’t even think of living a life of comfort and ease, so, yearning for wealth is a positive activity in itself but wealth shouldn’t be the ultimate end of all of our struggles.

Money is like a serpent. If we know the trick to charm this creature it would be valuable for us but if we don’t know the mantra it would definitely bite us. Money has the seductive sting of engulfing all of our attention and abilities and at the end man becomes the epitome of the picture presented in the holy scriptures in the words of: ‘Although they posses more and more than enough yet they yearn for more’. This incessant urge for getting more is the real adversary of man’s spirituality.

Admittedly, money is a source of solving all riddles in our lives but we should always keep in mind that worldly riches are like nuts; many a tooth is broke in cracking them but never is the stomach filled with eating them. The greatest wealth is contentment with little. It is an old saying that money makes the mare go and it is applicable on our life to day too. We see that there is nothing which is available to us without money. We have to install air conditioner, cooler or heaters to keep us cool and hot and even water is not available without money.

If money is most necessary for properly running this life, we must have money and therefore, each one of us shall have to work and earn money. We shall need money for running our life and we also need money for the rainy days. We can fall ill and we shall turn old too and therefore, if we have no saving with us, we shall be facing difficulty. Money can be earned honestly and it is not necessary that we should adopt wrong methods to collect and save money.

If we commit a crime, we shall be caught by the police and instead of having easy life with such money, we shall be attracting more and more problems for us and there are chances that we may be spending our earlier savings with the police or with the courts. Therefore, we should prepare ourselves to earn money with our own hands and we must adopt honest means to collect money. The people who have got proper education, proper training and they are properly adjusted at work, they are able to have money and they shall be happy to spend that money.

People who collect money through wrong means, are not able to enjoy that money because they are always under fear compulsions and they do not enjoy life. Some people show that they are enjoying life with money which they had collected with wrong means, but we should be sure that such people are just showing that they are happy, but they cannot get sound sleep in the night and most of them live on drugs. Money may be most necessary for life, but it should be earned with proper care and through proper means and only then this money can play a good role in our life.

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Money Makes Mare Go: Meaning of the Saying
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